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by Vichan



The first half of this chapter might fool you into skipping it but you definitely want to stick around for this one.

We arrive at Westchar to rescue Bruenor.

I figure this quest was related to rescuing Bruenor...

...I was wrong.

This kind of reminds me of Kalah's Circus.

We battle orcs throughout this dungeon until we can't go any further, forcing us to look in the siderooms.

One of them is home to this dragon who has the key we need to continue.

I am not enjoying these quests. At all. Let's continue searching for Bruenor.

Ah, this must be the place!

Pick any other option and you die. This quest sucks.

We pass the tests and are allowed to continue.

As soon as we enter the city we're brought before the king.

We have to scour the city for the other stones so we can complete the riddle.

I agree with Jaheira, this place is dull as dirt.

At least Edwin(a) manages to liven things up. :allears:

We find the riddle stones and use them to proceed to the next area.

Fire Giants roam this area, as advertised.


We rescue the captive Gragha.

At the end of this area are some vampires, the most notable thing about them is the loot.

To be honest I expected more. :(

What is it with these portraits? :psyduck:

We're not actually adding Bruenor to the party but I though some of you might be interested in these things all the same. :)

And that's that for this area as well as Westchar. I'm not going to subject myself to more of this shit than is necessary.

Our first stop is the Copper Coronet, of course.


It's a pity I had to reload, I have a reputation to maintain after all!

Looks like further progress with Region of Terror will have to wait until we get to Brynnlaw.

We run into Haman again, looks like he finally has the life he always dreamed of.

Good job, counselor!

I sort of regret not going for the Silver Pantaloons but oh well.

Ugh, enough of this mundane dreary nonsense. It's time to make things interesting again.

It's not often that I run into a Sandrah banter that I actually enjoy, let's take a moment to appreciate this moment.


Moving on.

Korgan leaves (He'll be back) and Haer'Dalis rejoins us. We can finally take him outside the city!

As soon as you enter an area outside the city limits you're teleported to this area where Haer'Dalis indulges in his foot fetish.

Hold o-

Look who decided to drop back in. Why are they using Sandrah and Haer'Dalis' pet names for each other?

Looks like we'll be fighting again. We've already beaten Naronguth a few times before, Alzaligrundel shouldn't be much harder.

Haer'Dalis decides to leave the party at the start of the fight.

Naronguth is first to fall, ka-ching!

His companion was way harder to actually take down, mostly because he had a shitload of HP and was immune to most damage I could throw at him.

Wait, is Haer'Dalis...?


I get the feeling that we're in over our heads but I trust Sandrah's judgement.

We pick up Haer'Dalis' body and take a gander at the map. We also pick up the dragon's heart, something which I forgot to take a screenshot of. :cripes:

No time to waste, to the Shadow Temple!

As soon as we arrive we see that they are up to something. In text only because they're far off in the fog of war.

When we finally arrive we have to deal with some Demon Knights. They're quite tough and pack a serious punch.

Our next stop seems to be the Druid Grove.

More demon knights.

Luckily Mystra's Army can brute force almost every encounter.

Looks like our next stop is Baldur's Gate, but how the hell are we supposed to get there?

Thanks, little feller! Time to head to our Guildhall.

I love you too, Narlen. :respek:

Looks like we're heading back to the Gate!

And just like that we're back at the Baldur's Gate chapter of the Shadow Thieves, we can't actually leave the building so the only way forward is through the basement.

We finally get an answer as to why Sandrah randomly decided to heal this lady. The Glabrezu dies, though not without a fight.

More demon knights, I hate these things! :argh:

Looks like the demons are already busy fighting, who can this Marilith be?

Gah, another demon! It's a good thing Sandrah is extremely overpowered.

We battle through the maze and the undercity, eventually winding up where our story originally ended. I have faith that Roxanne will treat this moment with the gravity that it dese-

The resulting fight is slightly easier because we only have the dragon to contend with. When he falls...

We're treated to this cutscene again.

Of all the places where Jaheira could say this...

Immediately afterwards we're teleported.

Every time I think I've seen the worst this mod has to offer only for it to prove me wrong time and time again.

He's laughably easy, chiefly because he loses half his HP before the fight even starts. :shrug:

Moving on we come face to face with the Demogorgon.


This makes the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the '80s look like Lord of the Rings.

The Demogorgon leaves us, absolutely baffled by what he just heard.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's blow this po-


I can't quite place this next area, trippy.

Sure, why not? :jerkbag:

'til next we meet, false brother! :wave:

These demon knights are all that stand between us and freedom! :black101:

I'd really like to know where this is from.

Leaving that area brings us back to a crypt in the graveyard district.

Sandrah and Haer'Dalis decide to celebrate their reunion right in front of us in a fucking graveyard.

This spell imprisons whoever you cast it on. Maybe some day I'll let Sandrah cast it on herself.

More useless summons, great.

That's it for today. Next time we'll see what odds and ends are left to deal with before we continue forward with the main story. I reckon Spellhold is just a few chapters away at this point!