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by Vichan

Part 113: Chapter CX - Oh, my, this reminds me of Noober or Roober. Say, your name is by chance *Floober*?

Chapter CX - Oh, my, this reminds me of Noober or Roober. Say, your name is by chance *Floober*?

Not the most exciting chapter so we might as well get it over with.

Some Harpers track us down but we manage to avoid a fight.

If Sandrah content is the only reason why you're reading this you might want to skip this one, this is all we're going to get.

We're doing Rasaad's quest today.

Viconia will replace Jaheira.

Let's rest up before heading over there.

...Oh, oh dear... :negative:

We're here for two minutes and already I manage to get robbed.

I mostly invited Viconia for the additional flavor.

I dumped Viconia somewhere to avoid any trouble going forward. We can use the empty party slot.

On our way to the temple we are ambushed.

A mere bump on the road. :smuggo:

Act like a cultist, shouldn't be that hard.

Rasaad is such a buzzkill.

Going smooth so far. (I doubled back and dumped Viconia after this part)

Killing animals? :ohdear:

We manage to save this fine gentleman...

...And add him to our party. Say hello to Beamdog's secret NPC!

I probably should've just let them bake, morons.

We'd done all we can outside, time to continue.

Great, more trials.

They beat you after every dialogue choice.

That's it for the trials.

Uh-oh, looks like this whole thing was one big sham.

After some smoke and mirrors...

One of these days they'll learn not to mess with me.

And that's it for Rasaad's quest and his involvement in the SoA portion of Baldur's Gate.

We take care of some stronghold stuff on our way back to Athkatla.

We're also making some party changes.

Some romance talk...

As well as some banters with Edwina. :allears:

Heading back to the Planar Sphere we get into some 'planar sphere mod' content, let's see what it's all about.

Yeah, sure. Make yourself at home. Both of you.

Oh dear, that went way better last time...

Pro-tip: Don't make deals with devils.

Melicamp is also hear, he doesn't appreciate our attitude though.

... :doh:

That's pretty much it for that particular mod. I only did it because I was promised it'd have Sandrah content but no luck there.

Next time we'll be heading to Portpentyrch which'll hopefully be somewhat less dull.