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Part 114: Chapter CXI - A good idea. (Oh, a full appreciation of that girl fighting without the need to participate with my spells. What a delight.)

Chapter CXI - A good idea. (Oh, a full appreciation of that girl fighting without the need to participate with my spells. What a delight.)

We're actually going to make some headway this time around, go figure.

Even Anomen gets some hits in. :allears:

I was starting to miss Jaheira already so she's back.

The first time I did her romance I found it to be really hard, probably because my English wasn't quite up to snuff.

We're heading to Portpentyrch, the town Elminster told us about.

Aside from monsters the town seems to be completely deserted.

Anomen talks a bit about his father while we're exploring.

We find this journal in one of the houses.

Great-looking area though. The lighthouse is locked, also take note of the shipwreck.

The place we need to go to is this shack.

Looks like we're going to have to check out this lighthouse.

We also pick this thing up before leaving, it might come in handy.

Going up the lighthouse we run into the Red Wizard, sorta.

There's a tanar'ri at the top that has another errand for us.

We use the pickhammer to open a passage in this cave here.

It's filled with enemies, as expected.

After a certain point we can't continue, we keep getting teleported back. We might have to double back to the lighthouse.

...God damn it, looks like it's back to Athkatla for us.

To the West Government district, to be exact.

There's a couple of sidequests and things to find here, this being the most memorable one.

More romance talk.

After checking every available house we finally find the person we were looking for, looks like we'll have to wait a bit before we can talk to her again.

Some wizard comes looking for Edwin but Vichan ain't no snitch. :colbert:

When we come back Ceinwen seems to be gone.

Ugh, Cowled Wizards blow...

She gives us a sidequest but we haven't progressed far enough in the main quest to reach that area yet.

Charlatans... :argh:

Great, time to head back once again.

Anomen, you blowhard.

To continue this quest we have to kill a vampire kid in the catacombs. Specifically in an area we can't actually reach yet.

I guess that means we'll have to shelf this particular quest and save it for later.

I decided to use Tazok's key in the sewers so we could beat up the mind flayers hiding out there.

Sandrah actually has something to say about the situation. This would've continued if I had Check the Bodies installed but unfortunately that isn't the case. :doh:

...You know what? Screw it. I think I've dawdled long enough, time to head to Barterman's to sell about 30000 GP's worth of gear so I have enough money to get to the next chapter.

And just like that Valen shows up to invite us to the Graveyard District, with a twist!

Could it be...?

(And really, we're going to give Skie a hard time for being talkative when we have Sandrah in the party!?)

More on that later, we have to get to a temple first!

The ritual seems to have been a success!

Looks like we won't have to wait long before our names are cleared! I guess having Skie back amongst the living is okay as well.

Sandrah's right, maybe it's best if we start looking for some alternatives™.

Let's try the government district first.

I guess we're supposed to overhear this conversation somehow. This might be worth looking into!

Yet another mysterious stranger offers to get us the hell out of Dodge.

Normally I'd end things here but there's one area of Athkatla we haven't visited yet.

I'm not going to showcase this area in great detail, we're just here for the Sandrah content.

Letting Sandrah participate in the fighter's tournament nets us yet another piece of OP gear.

Irenicus doesn't stand a chance!

Plenty of options to choose from, we'll save the actual choice for next time.