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by Vichan

Part 116: Chapter CXIII - In her own words she calls me her *besta friend* and I have no reason to object to that description.

Chapter CXIII - In her own words she calls me her *besta friend* and I have no reason to object to that description.

Enough banters, it's time to get ready for Spellhold!

Ninde and Anomen are kicked out in favour of Korgan and Wilson. (Sorta, more on that later)

Spellhold awaits!

We'd better hurry! :ohdear:

We're probably worried about nothing, right?

Saemon! :argh:

Some backup, thanks for nothing.

I almost choked on my food when I got to this part. Sure thing, Sandrah. You are the epitome of chastity when it comes to women. :jerkbag:

I preferred it when these two were silent.

Calahan helped us out way back when, later he'll help us out once again by smuggling some people off the island but it won't be shown in this LP.

Sure, why not?

Apparently we can teleport now.

Poor guy. Time for some payback! :black101:

Gotta love when a conversation kicks off mid-gib. :allears:

Time to drop what we're doing to do Sandrah's bidding.

Time to pay Cadderly a visit!

Some new PID options, we can now have sex with Sandrah whenever we want to. Let's never touch that particular option again.

While Cadderly fucks off to Tamriel we rest up a bit at the monastery.


Our jaunt to the Hells is short and uneventful besides the main encounter.

Before facing the dragon we find this armor, since Vichan can use any item by this point he gets to wear it.

Once you get the dragon down to low HP you automatically use Fangor's Holder to capture it.

With that behind us we can finally move on.

Sandrah Saga beefs up this encounter for some reason, these guys were very tough back when we faced them in BG1, not so much now. Chremy managed to bite it before they even managed to show.

Oh hey, we have to get a safe key from this guy! I'd completely forgotten about that.


A short lesson but one well worth learning.

I originally wanted to use the presence of Wilson to prove that we're mad but for some reason Desharik was bugged, looks like we're going to have to go with the other option.

I love Yoshimo's interjections on Brynnlaw.

You've really been a big help. Thanks.

I wish I could've talked this guy down. :negative:

His boots might come in handy someday.

Spellhold is in sight!

Making a mental note to check the place out after we return we head on in.

I have no idea why we're forced to fall for this obvious ruse.

When you decipher this message you get:


My pantaloons are full of weasels. Inform the queen so that she might shoo them away. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Go, monkey, GO!

What a loon.

(After this part I realised that bringing Wilson would kinda be a waste so I replayed everything up 'til now with Valygar who actually gets some stuff to do soon)

Sandrah's been oddly subdued so far. She's almost like an ordinary NPC.

Poor guy, he deserves better. :negative:

Betrayal! Before we can do anything about it our vision is clouded...

Next time we'll see just what Irenicus has in store for us.