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Part 118: Chapter CXV - Ha, between the sheets I will still lead.

Chapter CXV - Ha, between the sheets I will still lead.

Somehow we didn't drown and are surrounded by weird fishpeople.

Korgan is too precious for this world. :allears:

From the frying pan into the fire, or whatever the nautical equivalent might be.

Poor guy. :smith:

These fishpeople are cold.

We'd better do as he says, I don't want to end up on this guy's plate.

...The priestess raises a valid point, though. We may as well do some good while we're here.

More wacky shenanigans.

These heroic figures each give you an item that you have to deposit in another figure's chest. You'd think Sandrah would have something to say here but no luck.

After solving the puzzle we can open the sixth chest.


Say hello to the best character in the game.

With the tooth in hand we can visit the rebel leader.

All these fishpeople look alike to me, let's just do what he says.

What's this about?

We'd better ask her about this.

I have to admit I've been fantasizing about an LP that plays itself lately.

We manage to kill the king and his entourage before the prince even shows up.

Let's leave before I get teary-eyed.

It's time to head further below.

God, I love this cutscene.

The Underdark awaits.

We're immediately assailed by a drow army.

When Sandrah received her visit from Mystra last chapter some of you were kind enough to inform me that she did in fact gain a skill:

She can no longer die. She manages to kill about 12 drow and their summons without breaking a sweat. She didn't have to heal or buff. Pelligram was the only one helping out. I tried siccing our party on her after this and she didn't go below 15HP the entire time and she managed to kill us all.

This basically means we've won the game, right? If only...

I wonder what mod adds this encounter, is this a Sandrah Saga thing?

We run into some Duergar closeby.

An imprisoned mage?

With a freedom scroll in hand...

A svirfneblin village? We could use a safe haven.

Not the warmest of welcomes but that is to be expected.

This Adalon sounds interesting and they seem to know how to get into the Drow city, this task of his doesn't sound that hard.

See? Piece of cake.

We could see Adalon right away but let's take care of some other stuff first.

Add this to our list.

Ah, here's the book we need.

Always glad to help out. :)

This thing has a lot of trapped souls in it.

A fight seems inevitable but you can cast heal on this guy.

Sandrah was mazed shortly after this, I had to reload and cast protection of magic on Vichan so he could take the hit.

These guys fight you no matter what you do.

This guy is just happy to be out.

And this is the son we were looking for. :)

Valygar's been thinking a lot about redemption.

With that bit of business done we can head to Adalon's lair.

She really is magnificent, isn't she? :allears:

And just like that...

Veldrin, I like it.

You might notice Sandrah didn't really change, at least not her character model...

She looks even more radiant than before. :swoon:

With our new disguise the guards are none the wiser.

And just like that Sandrah manages to finagle her way to the top of the party slot.

Next time we'll explore the city of the Drow and all it has to offer.