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Part 119: Chapter CXVI - Oooh,...Mistress, you have to blame yourself for your unruly slave. With a treatment like this to endure you invite him to fail as often as possible.

Chapter CXVI - Oooh,...Mistress, you have to blame yourself for your unruly slave. With a treatment like this to endure you invite him to fail as often as possible.

Ust Natha is a cold, ruthless place. :ohdear:

We try to do some good where we can but for the most part we have to lay low lest we blow our cover.

Korgan decides to leave us temporarily so he can go to the fighting pits in the local tavern.

We follow him to said tavern which nets Sandrah some more skills.

Looks like he'll fit right in.

The people here love to exchange stories.

This isn't always without consequences, though.

Sandrah gets to show her prowess in the fighting pits.

Speaking of prowess...

Nothing like going undercover in a Drow city to get the juices flowing.


That's the ticket.

I'm pretty sure these guys are supposed to be attacked after this exchange but nothing happens. It's a good thing Viconia's not here to see this.

Anyway, that's it for the tavern.

Mind flayers are out and about here.

I'd bet $10 that this is one of Valygar's romance talks that was repurposed when said romance was cut.

Ah, the ever popular Solaufein. I'm actually surprised that Sandrah didn't speak up here.

BG2 veterans might notice a third person hanging out at the platform, about that...

Looks like we're getting an escort. We'd best hurry before they get suspicious.

Along the way we run into adventurers who assume that we're evil. :smith: I'm fairly certain there's supposed to be some dialogue here but no-one said a word.

Drow don't hiss, Roxanne. :argh:

Solaufein does a thing and the Illithids appear, they are promptly dealt with.

I guess I shouldn't have expected gratefulness from a Matron Mother's daughter but still... :negative:

Nothing left to do but head back, I guess.

Contemporary Drow society would look extremely prudish once Sandrah takes over, that's for sure.

Lots of running around as usual, but this time we can't dawdle.

I really don't know if I can keep this facade up. :ohdear:

I will never resolve this quest any other way. :colbert:

Ugh, I hope this doesn't lead to trouble later on.

There and back again...

Fuck off, Roxanne. :jerkbag:

This is torture alright. :suicide:

Let's rest a bit to pass the time.

Oh God, why can't I escape these talks? :negative:

More menial tasks.

And we're still not done.

Svirfneblins seem like a step down from eye tyrants to be honest.

Luckily Sandrah explains Phaere's motives. And she's kind enough to let us know that she's going to devour Solaufein somewhere down the line.

I like Xulaye. :)

Good thinking, Sandrah. This way we might just resolve this peacefully!

Bingo, let's hope Xulaye doesn't rat us out later.

Oh, what's this about?

Sure, I'll get right on that. :jerkbag:

Hush, I know what I'm doing here and I don't need you taking credit for it.

Christ, will you shut up?

Let's hope this fools Phaere.

Oh, goody. Is she going to reward us?


Her pillow talk needs some work. I guess we'd better pay a visit to her mother as soon as possible.

I've been anticipating what Sandrah would have to say here for months and somehow I still feel dirty. :barf:

Gee, what tipped you off? Was it the fact that I stated my intentions to Solaufein? A regular Sherlock Holmes, this one.

At your comma-

I hate everything about this, every single word. :suicide:

Next time we'll deal with some more sidequests and see about getting us some blood. I wonder if Sandrah's will suffice?