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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 12: Chapter XII - It is Sandrah I kiss, not Elminster's daughter.

Chapter XII - It is Sandrah I kiss, not Elminster's daughter.

While on the road to Beregost I couldn't resist telling Sandrah what I think of her. :swoon:

Sandrah's not your usual cleric, if you must know.

We arrive in Beregost and decide to rest at Feldepost's inn.

Oh my. Better put on some music and dim the lights, things are about to get R-rated.

I did warn you, didn't I?

Hey, I'm pretty sure I've seen this dialogue before!

Edwin, ew!

Christ, there are less thirsty people in Calimshan desert.

While we're cringing at Edwin's attempts to woo Sandrah I am suddenly struck by a revelation.

Wait for it...

Holy shit! :aaaaa:

I spoke too soon, I'm a way bigger creep than Edwin. Let's pay the innkeeper and get ou-

That's...a chapter.

The game decides we can't leave quite yet.

After this we fade to black. When we return...



What th-

Wait, that's supposed to be there?

Just after this we fade to black, when we return we are back in Beregost.

Just as our question was answered we are left with new ones. Who is Khalindra? What about Sandrah's half-sister? What the hell was up with that picture? Let's hope we find out soon...