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Part 120: Chapter CXVII - Your anger only enhances your beauty - and stirs up my lust.

Chapter CXVII - Your anger only enhances your beauty - and stirs up my lust.

Sandrah's right, as long as we're here we might as well do some good.

Xulaye saw through my disguise but still seems to think Sandrah's a drow. :doh:

Oooh, the opportunity to plunder a lich's abode?

With the rope in hand we can enter Deirex's lair, but we're mazed before we can do anything.

Jarlaxle! :argh:

Our goals seem to be in alignment, might as well do what he says.

There, done. Deirex never knew what hit him.

Pleasure doing busi-

The fact that we're able to deal with Jarlaxle owns but the way it comes about is just... :barf:

While plundering Deirex's lair Xulaye tries to blackmail us. Nice try.

On our way to the slave pits we deal with another issue.

I really hope they make it. :unsmith:

I decided to tackle the Kua-Toa, Beholder and Illithid areas in that order. None of them will be covered in great detail.

This area's a bit of a disappointment.

I will always be puzzled by the Elder Orb hanging out in the first room of his area.

We get captured moments after entering the Illithid area. :argh:

I really don't need this right now, Xulaye.

With the help of the Githyanki we manage to break free.

More slaves freed. :)

Cowards! :argh:

Take that, you creep! :black101:


Anyway, time to head back.

We get dragged into some intrigue with Xulaye.

This won't be another erotic session, will it?

Thanks for letting us know ahead of time, Sandrah.

Oooh, Drow intrigue. Sounds neat!

The plot thickens. Thanks, Solaufein!

We kill the guards without alerting the others and nab the eggs.

Trust me, I wouldn't want to miss this for the world. :imunfunny:

A bit redundant since the city's locked down.

Oh, it'll be sweet alright. :imunfunny:

I can barely contain my excitement! :neckbeard:



Absolutely beautiful, just as good as I remembered.

Xulaye remains.

And immediately takes charge.



Yeah, let's just use Xulaye's moment to heap more praise upon Sandrah. Great idea.

Gee, thanks.

I almost forgot about the little feller. Looks like he might have preferred it that way.

Adalon changes us back and takes us to the exit.

(You might not have noticed but for some reason our appearance changed from Drow to Elf halfway through this section.)

The next area is a temple where we find drow and surface elves at each other's throats.

Will do.

Right by the exit we run into Solaufein again. We'll be sure to pay the Clearing a visit as soon as possible.

Back to the surface, finally! :)


Alright, alright, we get the message. Let me talk to this guy already!

I don't remember Elhan being this much of a dick.

I can't believe I'm saying this but well said, Sandrah.

Alright, looks like we have our work cut ou-

Apparently it's not to be.

Next time we're apparently taking some R&R at Candlekeep.