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Part 121: Chapter CXVIII - I just wanted to kiss you but that mouth is full of ugly thorns. You have nice wings but I cannot get accustomed to that face.

Chapter CXVIII - I just wanted to kiss you but that mouth is full of ugly thorns. You have nice wings but I cannot get accustomed to that face.

We're back at Candlekeep but something is amiss.

None of the monks seem to have anything interesting to say.

So much for some R&R, let's meet with the council.

Christ, the monks are such bores.

Oooh, I've always wanted to visit Silverymoon, let's hurry!

(Poor Tethtoril, he doesn't even get a portrait)

...Easthaven? Ugh, fine.

Figures, let's get to w-

Looks like we'll have to take care of business here quickly. Some vacation.

Easthaven is filled with demons, luckily we have some guards helping out. Again there's not really anything interesting here so we're going to skip most of the dialogue here.

Lead the way.

Really subtle foreshadowing here.

Errtu again?

This is pretty cool.

What a moron.

Lots of annoying fights here. Not hard, just annoying.

Being a demon does have its advantages.

Our cover is blown so there's nothing left to do but fight, once we get him down to low health...

Well, that takes care of that.

We're bombared with more things to do as soon as we get back to Athkatla. Let's save it for later.

Oh God, what now...


Looks like we don't have to pay tribute to the Thieves Guild anymore. Good.

Sandrah convinces us that Skie really is a Bhaalspawn. Whether this'll become relevant is anyone's guess.

We use Sandrah's skills to get us to Waterdeep.

...Why put this in?

...Really? This is why we had to drag our asses here within two days? :negative:

You can all guess where this is going. :heysexy:

We meet up with the Harbour Master. Why are we teleporting when it's implied that we're taking a boat there?

This ship is filled with rats who are tougher than you might think. Once we take care of the ones at the bottom of the ship some vampires appear for us to deal with.

I hate portals.

Our party hasn't slept for days so now might be a good time to do so.

Sandrah gets some new armour, as if she wasn't overpowered enough.

Besides vampires we run into this magical golem that can only be hurt by non-magical weapons. Thankfully Korgan still had some throwing axes. :black101:

After a fade to black...

We'd better find this guy and deal with him quickest!

...That was easy.

We actually have to escort Reagan out of this place manually, he moves slow but thankfully this area is pretty small.

Thank Mystra we've got that over with. Let's head back to Athkatla...

After spending the night with my beloved family, of course. :unsmith:

More dreams.

A vision, rather.

Anyway, back to Athk-

AGAIN!? :negative:

This starts the final part of the Grey Clan mod, just like part 2 it's made by Roxanne.

We've been to the academy before so we're not going to cover it in great detail.

I remember these guys giving me so much trouble in BG1, they're barely worth mentioning now.

Korgan's such a prick, I love it. :allears:

Further in Xephistagoras taunts us some more.

How many times have we teleported this chapter!?

Xephistagoras puts up quite the fight, I had to rely on Sandrah's summons to eventually get him down. Again it's more annoying than actually hard but I did have to reload a couple of times. I guess I should have just sent Sandrah on her own since apparently she can't die anymore. That would've been an actually interesting thing to put in a Let's Play. :negative:

Don't mind me, just copping a feel. :heysexy:

I remember I used to be the protagonist at one point.... :suicide:

I'm pretty sure said symbol is the bust, we can use that to leave this place which takes us back to Waterdeep.

We can all see where this is going, right?

Landrel gives us some hints on where to look.

...It does feel like we're forgetting something.

There, that's better.

Next time we'll actually get back to Athkatla to deal with Sandrah's shit as well as various other mods. Looks like Vichan and Solaufein's stories will have to wait.