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Part 122: Chapter CXIX - I declare you genius!! Once again you have proven it - or once again you blindly hit the right spot.

Chapter CXIX - I declare you genius!! Once again you have proven it - or once again you blindly hit the right spot.

Jaheira and Viconia are back, replacing Valygar and Korgan.

Do I have some sort of Viconia friendship mod installed? I forget.

She still suspects nothing.

Poor Jaheira, she sacrificed so much... :smith:

Chloe and Imoen are really hitting it off.

Anyway, back to the 'plot':

We're closer to the location of the book that writes itself but we need to wait for Sandrah to do some more studying before continuing. A good time to take care of some more loose ends!

Sandrah's right, we'd better play along for now.

Well, since we're in the Promenade anyway...

Jarlaxle seems to have survived our encounter with him. Again. We'll get to this later.

Yoshimo can rest in peace. :)

Some red wizards teleport in to help this guy out to no avail.

Elminster comes along to let us know we're on the right track.

Seems like the sphere is being invaded.



We manage to dispatch them easily, no thanks to our apprentices...

Viconia has trouble getting along with most people so far.

Looks like our faith in Sandrah is rewarded once again, the sphere is now ours!

Oh, a 'date' with Imoen? Sign me up!

A welcome diversion, especially compared to Roxanne's Imoen! :)

She'll warm up to me in time.

Anyway, time to see about these drow.


I vaguely remember this guy from some Forgotten Realms books I read ages ago.

Why did I agree to this... :ohdear:

At least we don't have to pretend to be drow this time.

We talk some more with Kimmuriel and get a task.

Speaking of tasks, we pick up another one in the inn before heading out...

Well, here we are. Menzoberranzan. Let's hope we manage to survive this.

The captain of the guard is not impressed by us.

The lust chambers are just next door to the inn, it's a good thing we visited. :unsmith:

More menial tasks, yay.

There's an arena here, the last round was kind of tricky because we had to use non-magical weapons. Good thing that there were plenty of those scattered around the arena. We find the cure we're looking for in one of the chests.

Don't mention it.

Well, if you say so...

We don't actually kill them, of course. Especially not since Sandrah would disapprove.

Oh, buzz off.

We outwit a demon and find the missing spellbook in the guy's house.

What a polite fellow.

We help him out, of course.

...Oh well.

We help the fighters resolve their issue, too bad the mage got away.

The Githyanki end up antagonizing us, their mistake! :black101:

We have to indiscriminately kill people just for wearing red now? We'd best check with Kimmuriel.

Not as much help as I'd hoped...

Some more romance talk.

We manage to warn Nelros, as for the rest of the people in red...

It's a good thing that Edwin isn't here.

This banter seems familiar, did we see it before? Maybe it's just a side-effect of my brain melting. :psyduck:

As you wish.

The brain golems are hanging out in the west, nothing special about them that I could see.

Jaheira and Viconia do bond somewhat after the encounter.

We've just been tricked. :doh:

What's this about?

Before I could teach him a lesson for betraying me someone immediately does the job for me.

I thought we already killed this guy as well? Does no-one stay dead? :argh:

We report to Kimmuriel...

...And ask him some more questions while we have the chance.

The matron almost had us figured out, we'd best do as she says.

Drow society sure is cold... :(

Looks like we have to backtrack to the lust chambers before we can continue.

As you wish.

The way to the matron's chambers is filled with battles.

The githyanki try to get in our way, just as Artemis warned us. Sucks to be them.

Further in we fight some elder orbs as well as a Drow priestess.

The matron isn't hard to find, too bad she didn't take our offer for a peaceful resolution. :black101:

The treasury's beautiful. :allears:

Considering last time I expected a fight here but Sandrah doesn't force our hand.

We loot the treasury, this being the most notable treasure.

Kind of awkward since Jaheira wasn't even there to witness his betrayal.

With the treasury plundered we get teleported back to Athkatla.

Next time we'll continue with Sandrah's plot and deal with some more mod content!