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Part 124: Chapter CXXI - (Smiles) You do not give us much time to rest a bit after all we have been through. (Sigh) The boss man calls and the bed waits empty...

Chapter CXXI - (Smiles) You do not give us much time to rest a bit after all we have been through. (Sigh) The boss man calls and the bed waits empty...

Considering we have to wait a few days before we can talk to her again it might be best to get Region of Terror over with in the meantime.

Not going to bother with sidequests here, our stay will be short.

The villagers aren't exactly helpful...

Jaheira's sure been acting funny lately.

Ah, magic's too blame for the lack of leads! Good thing this guy's immune.

Time to save Catti-Brie! :black101:

Four Chaos Guardians? Feels like Final Fantasy.

Lots of enemies here, mostly demons. The Glabrezu hit like a truck.

Halfway there.


Looks like we're not the only ones looking to rescue Catti-Brie, let's keep an eye out of Sandrah's favorite drow.

Oh, I know this riddle! We did it before.

The amount of bodies are a good indicator on the amount of trouble I had with this one. I spent ages asking questions to the other shadows not knowing I had to talk to the first guy again. :bang:

I have to kill a what now?

Who's the Gholim?

Ah, I see.

This thing spent ages summoning skeletons in a cutscene only for them to die in 10 seconds.

Really making progress here!

Just one left!


I have to get the what?

Oh sh-

Good thing I'm OP. :c00lbert:

Nice meeting you.

Great, dead end. After backtracking a bit...

After beating the last Chaos Guardian we enter the door he was guarding.

Who chooses these portraits when there's loads of others you can find online? :psyduck:

That just leaves Jarlaxle to deal with, good.

The guy loves to talk, just as we're about to fight we fade to black...

I've gotten used to Vichan hanging out in cutscenes where he's not supposed to be but this time he can actually help out against Entreri. Neat.

It's not enough to save poor Drizzt. :negative:

That's the third time we've kicked Jarlaxle's ass. Hopefully he'll stay dead this time.

Lots of neat effects and it's curtains for the crystal.

Catti-Brie snaps out of it and takes care of the assassin, luckily she's able to revive Drizzt.

This allows us to loot Artemis Entreri's shit. Again. We also get a hold of Drizzt's boots for our trouble.

We can talk to Catti-Brie to leave this area. I figure Vichan being present is sort of a Sandrah Saga workaround since Drizzt is supposed to be a party member otherwise.

Jesus Christ, Drizzt. Catti-Brie's right there!

And that's pretty much it for Region of Terror. There is one final thing for us to do but we'll save that for another time.

Catti-Brie and Drizzt's stats for those of you who were curious. I can only imagine what Region of Terror's original Drizzt portrait looked like.

I forgot how long Jaheira's romance was, we're still not at the end.

I hope these talks are interesting to some of you out there.

Anyway, we can finally continue Fishing for Trouble, time to go back to Portpentych!

With the help of the potions we got from Ceinwen Vichan was able to reach the back of the cave. With the key in hand we can go back to the lighthouse.

The demon tells us where to go next and promptly fucks off to who knows where.

I'm thinking Sandrah has a secret hankering for this Black Lotus stuff.

Familiar territory, right?

Everything's going smoothly so far.

The first floor of the Hold is home to two of the Red Wizards and some of their 'Red guard', their color distinguishes them from the ordinary guards that you see around. You can't talk to them.

The Caravan Master he's talking about is nearby.

A more discreet location might be best. Good thinking.

The guard captain's no use.

Another wizard on the second floor.

A plot, exciting! Let's take care of the guards first.

One of the cells has the actual entrance to the dungeon. I don't get it either.

There, the guards are freed. Time to see about this Earl Wultheof.

Viconia's like sandpaper.

The third floor doesn't have a wizard around, let's just head for the Earl.

Okay, I guess we can get sidetracked with a silly sidequest, why not?

She's like putty in my hands.

Time to check out the roof.

This really is a gorgeous area. :allears:

The tower to the left is our destination.

You have to pick these exact dialogue choices or he runs away.

The quest is bugged so the game thinks he ran away anyway. :doh:

The Earl is easy to convince, time to head back to the Caravan Master.

To battle! :black101:

You have to clear out all three floors of the castle while the Hold guards battle the Red Wizards' guards. After the dust settles there's still no sign of the fourth wizard.

Ah, there we go.

Jaheira! :( Ease up on the slurs!

Looks like we have multiple leads. Let's see about this caravan first. (It's impossible to talk to the Earl, I tried)

We run into more Jaheira shenanigans as we exit the Hold.

Next time we'll intercept the caravan as we finish up Fishing for Trouble!