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Part 125: Chapter CXXII - It was this very air I was breathing when I had my first glance of you on that mournful day long ago..

Chapter CXXII - It was this very air I was breathing when I had my first glance of you on that mournful day long ago..

We're about to intercept a caravan carrying Black Lotus.

It's been months since our innocence was lost. Thanks, Roxanne! :mad:

The only noteworthy thing in this area is the guy in charge of the caravan. We kill him and confiscate the Black Lotus. You're supposed to destroy this stuff in the campfire nearby but for some reason I couldn't do it.

His guards' arrows stung a lot but we managed to power through regardless.

Time to visit this former Harper in the west government district.

Sandrah decides to but in on Jaheira's romance path again because why the hell not?

I guess we could just give him the money but let's do this the hard way.

Welp, guess we have to go back to Porthpentyrch. I couldn't talk to Garalial again like she suggested.

Resting outside the village leads to this conversation with Viconia.

When we awaken someone seems to be missing...

You'd think Sandrah would have something to say to 'Terminsel' but no such luck. Looks like it's back to Athkatla.

More fights at the Harper Compound.

I'll assume Sandrah should have initiated this convo on our first visit to the building.

We're reunited with Jaheira! :swoon:

We have to deal with some more 'harpers' while leaving the building, no problem.

Back at Porthpentyrch we can reach a new area in the caves.

Oh God, BG1-style dungeons...

Again Sandrah takes credit for something I decided for myself. :jerkbag:

There's an exit to the east and north of the dungeon, going there teleports us away.

Eventually these death knights appear and we have to deal with them. Compared to similar enemies we had to face back in BG1 they're a piece of cake.

After the fight we can finally move on.

We retrieve the orb and get a 'compliment' from Sandrah for our efforts. Time to head back.

Great, back to Garalial.

The Silverale Hall is in the north of the West Government District.

It has its own area and everything.

Looks like Eildaren's not here.

The infirmary's our next stop.

...That's not good.

I'm getting really sick of these talks.

Back to the infirmary again.

A fetch quest, great.

Back to Garalial.

And just like that we're in the desert.

I've got to say, as far as mod areas go this mod knocks it out of the park. There's a lot of sidequests here but I'm going to skip those for the most part. Some of them are bugged anyway.

A blocked cave, you say?


Time to get some answers.

Ugh, MORE fetch quests.

Lots of little moments here but I wanted to include this one. Irenicus' reach is far indeed.

This is so demeaning. I've beaten Errtu three times for crying out loud.

Fatigue is really starting to creep in now, will they ever stop talking?

There, I've fetched the water. Time to head back.


...Oh, okay.


Well, okay then.

Enough of this, time to head through the cave.

I'm sick and tired of BG1 dungeons.

The desert trolls are the most unique thing about this area.

The guardian doesn't fight us, we can kill him without him fighting back.

Finally, we manage to get what we came here for.

We use the portal we got to head back.

Time to get some rest.

Thanks, I needed that.

Anyway, time to head back.

Don't mention it.

That's pretty much it for Fishing for Trouble. We can visit the village later on but we'll save that for later.

Viconia leaves us, probably forever.

Next time we'll head to Icewind Dale like I promised chapters ago. This is probably one of the last things we'll do before finishing up Shadows of Amn.