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Part 127: Chapter CXXIV - Her first attack was to you? She knows my heart's feelings better than anyone.

Chapter CXXIV - Her first attack was to you? She knows my heart's feelings better than anyone.

Time to wrap things up, our first stop is the Graveyard District!

...Why does Bodhi have a new portrait all of a sudden?

Can't show this in screenshots but the screen shook like hell, after a fade to black Sandrah teleports back to the party like nothing ever happened. Looks like Bodhi's kidnapping attempt backfired.

Bodhi still shows up some feet away, with her old portrait. :psyduck:

Jaheira's not so lucky, it seems. :smith:


Christ, even for Sandrah Saga standards this is a bad one. Giving me no choice but to admit that Jaheira plays second fiddle to Sandrah after she's been kidnapped is just awful.

Anyway, before setting off to rescue her we'd best see about getting some help.

The Shadow Thieves have our back.

The temple directs us to the Order of the Radiant Heart.


I talked to the wrong guy while I was here, we might as well do this quest while we're running around town.

Paladins and thieves fighting under one banner. :respek:

The empty slot is filled by Keldorn.


Order or no Order, a paladin's still a paladin.

...A cup, really?

I've faced demons and here I am doing yet another fetch quest. :negative:

Needless to say it doesn't end well for Anarg and poor Reynald.

Now there's just one more thing we have to take care of.

We got this quest from the temple ages ago, for reasons I can't get into right now it's important that we get it out of the way.

...Why are these things never easy?

The main quest will take us to the Shadow Temple anyway so let's deal with Bodhi first.

It's been awhile since we've had a Chloe banter.

We get ambushed by some Drow on the way there, the equipment they carry is resistant to sunlight.

I've already covered the vampire compound four times and I don't feel like doing it again. Suffice it to say that the vampires were no match for us. Too bad we couldn't ask Drizzt and his companions to join us.

At the end we face Bodhi as well as Jaheira who seems to be out of sorts.

It doesn't take long for Bodhi to fall to our blades. :black101:

Sadly we also had to deal with Jaheira. :negative:

We stake Bodhi's corpse, take her heart as well as the Lanthorn.


The books point us to the Shadow Temple, that's where we're headed next. (The Oghma priests at the local temple just point you to the books)

The elves definitely have some explaining to do. I don't appreciate being manipulated at every turn! :argh:

We make our way to the Shadow Temple.

That was easy, now to the important part.

Step aside, Keldorn. We need the party slot.

We put Jaheira's body and Bodhi's heart on the altar.

She's back! For some reason she's wearing ar-

...And just like that Jaheira's gone... :negative: (I tried talking to her before she disappeared and her BG1 dialogue popped up. She might be gone for good. Strangely fitting for the LP.)

With a heavy heart and an empty party slot we make our way back to the Copper Coronet.

Neb is someone we could've run into while we were incarcerated in the Flaming Fist headquarters back in BG1 but we bypassed that because Shar-Teel was in our party. Time to pay the nasty little runt a visit.

There, that takes care of our empty slot.

Now to visit Neb.

What a ghoul.

Using a child-killers head as the place for your dev cameo is a pretty weird flex.

There, almost ready to head to Elhan. Just a few things left to take care of.


Haer'Dalis joins us once again.

Time to run into an old friend...

Coran doesn't comment on our short but sweet romance... :negative:

Lanfear was a member of the Bioware boards who was adamant that Coran and Safana return for BG2. Hence this little quest.

What a shame.

You'd think Coran would be used to having affairs with beasts. :rimshot:

It doesn't end well for poor Lanfear. This fight is quite a hassle not so much because the wolfweres are hard to deal with but because Coran tends to die in one hit. I don't even think it's possible to keep him alive if you're playing as a female, Lanfear just kills him in a cutscene instead.

Coran won't be joining us, too bad... :sadwave:

Anyway, it's finally time to report to Elhan.

The way to Suldanessellar is open to us.

By popular demand I'm bringing Valygar for this one. Sorry, Jan.

Next time we'll visit the city of the elves, with any luck we should be able to wrap things up next chapter but we've been sidetracked before...