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by Vichan

Part 129: Chapter CXXVI - You begin to get as mysterious as those stone heads - only your face is much lovelier.

Chapter CXXVI - You begin to get as mysterious as those stone heads - only your face is much lovelier.

The last leg of my BG2 playthrough, at least it would be if Sandrah Saga didn't add two more 'expansions.'

Immediately after starting we're approached by Ellesime in the Grove of the Ancients.

I'd be happy to let you know all about how I had to solve your mess for you. :smuggo:

I'm not about to cut Ellesime any slack here.

And just like that she's gone again. Why she couldn't tell us this back in Suldanessellar is beyond me.

Aside from Irenicus' mask we also get a book. I included the amulet you get at the end of SoA as well because why the hell not?

I've more than had my fill of prophecies.

Sandrah's summons might come in handy.


Bitch, please. Do you know how many legendary characters I've killed by this point?

Rillifane's avatar actually petrifies and chunks enemies at will. I had to reload because I really wanted her loot. I can't stress enough how much Sandrah's summons trivializes even the hardest fights.

The next time around one of Sandrah's solar-like summons gets a vorpal hit in, killing Illasera instantly. Her followers desert her immediately afterwards. We barely get a chance to loot her corpse before the screen fades to black...

Hold up, this isn't the Grove of the Ancients.

What have I gotten myself into this time....

Wait, what do you mean, not alone?


Good lord, not again...

Sure, why not? It's not like these kinds of deals ever backfire!

I've said it before but you can tell that Kevin Michael Richardson really enjoys portraying Sarevok with the way he's hamming it up.

And just like that our former nemesis is a member of our party.

Say your goodbyes, we shan't work together again.

...Is that who I think it is?

JEN'LIG! :swoon:

I'm sure she'll make the coming hours much more tolerable. Welcome back! :)

Chloe doesn't have ToB content as evidenced by this bit of dialogue. She's gone for good.

Imoen is starting to develop Bhaalspawn powers of her own. Troubling.

...Or at least it would be if we didn't already see her turn into the Slayer in the fucking Cloakwood Mines.... :jerkbag:

Sarevok notices his old sword and decides to make some modifications. (I had to use EEkeeper to get it back because the original is currently in the possession of Minsc)

This starts Sarevok's eventual redemption arc should we wish to pursue it.

This is Sandrah letting us know that she has new PIDs. Let's check them out.

We can ask her for advice on what to do next.

The other dialogue options are not as useful.

Before heading to the first trial chamber Sandrah gets a new summon. I'm as puzzled as you are.

Being able to resist the taint is a rare thing.

I've missed you, Jen'lig... :allears:

This area pits us against pretty much every enemy we've faced up until this point in the main story, we start with kobolds and doppelgangers and finally end up facing Irenicus and Bodhi.

We've passed our first trial. Time to head back to the central area.

Wait, is this the same Rielev who...?

Huh, I guess it is. We've seen that portrait before but I forget where...

We fade to black...

We return to a cutscene.

We recognize Cyric, of course. But who's this mysterious hooded figure?


We fade to black again and return to the Pocket Plane.

Rielev does have a point.

Before summoning our other former nemesis let's explore the area a bit.

Anyone familiar with Throne of Bhaal remembers Cespenar. Just like Lanfear in SoA he's a reference to a member of the Bioware forums. He can upgrade all kinds of items for us but to be honest we're already up to our eyebrows in overpowered gear.

Remember Sandrah's conversation with Angelo where she rewrote the way our final confrontation with Sarevok went? We get to relive it again through Sarevok.

Through the fate spirit we can summon old companions to come fight for us.

...There's a lot we can choose from. I know just the person to summon first.

Angelo won't be joining us long term but I think you can guess why I chose to invite him.

Valygar is out as well, by the way.

I'm pretty sure there's more to this but party space is a precious commodity this time around.

Sorry, Angelo. Maybe some other time.

I hope I don't regret this decision...

A lot of Irenicus' lines are voiced with the corresponding soundbite.

Don't talk to Imoen like that! :argh:

Please excuse me while I play the world's smallest violin.

Well, when you put it like that...

Don't pick on Rielev, you monster. He's already been through a lot! :(

Introducing Irenicus, our newest party member! He's brought to us by the Longest Road mod which I've never bothered to check out before now.

Oh, Imoen... :negative:

Looks like Jen'lig has been through a lot as well. Good thing she's among friends now.

Talking with certain NPCs as Irenicus nets you unique dialogue, I'll try and include them whenever they crop up.

We confer with Sandrah on the Five and future events.

Once everything's settled we leave this plane, adventure awaits!