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by Vichan

Part 13: Chapter XIII - I can almost smell all the men you have experienced...

Chapter XIII - I can almost smell all the men you have experienced...

Branwen's words are comforting, but little does she know that I'm haunted by another dream...

Picking on Edwin will never cease to be hilarious.

This is Branwen's way of letting us know that we're in a relationship. This means we can now flirt with her through PIDs.

Isn't she the cutest?

Seriously, I think I'm in love. :allears:

She has her own demons it seems.

Speaking of demons, we soon fade to black...

Not this ag-

Elminster also has poor taste in women.

We soon return to the real world. Strangely Sandrah doesn't ask us what's wrong. She has a new PID though.

Well, excuse me...

Not sure why she's still secretive about who her father is.

Seconds after that moment...

Well, thank y-

Much like my headaches since I've started this LP these chats seem to come in clusters.

This painting appeared in my inventory, I'm note sure when this happened. When we identify it...

We're using an alternate portrait for Sandrah, normally she looks just like this.

Branwen's word economy is refreshing.

We finally arrive back in Nashkel.

Edwin can sure dish it out, can't he?

Sandrah's insults are pitiful in comparison.

For some reason Edwin has his BG2 portrait here, and after this conversation it has a new addition.

I'm as puzzled as you are.

I wish I could keep them in the party forever.

As engrossing as this stuff is I think it's time we put Edwin out to pasture.

So am I, Branwen. Let's wrap it up.

But before we leave let's enjoy Edwin's final humiliation, at least for a good while.

Thanks for all the laughs, Edwin! :wave:

We shall soon say goodbye to Branwen as well.

Next time we'll see what that crazy man with the hamster's all about.