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Part 131: Chapter CXXVIII - No one has ever called me *my friend* the way you just did...

Chapter CXXVIII - No one has ever called me *my friend* the way you just did...

When we come back to the Pocket Plane the Solar seems to be waiting for us.

Just kidding, it's just one of Mystra's bodyguards.

Mystra has another gift for Sandrah.

It has to be identified first, normally Sandrah can identify everything but this is beyond even her skills. I never bother memorizing any identification spells so we're going to have to rest up.

I-is Iylos back to his old self again?

Well, that does it. He has to go. What a shame.

An even greater shame is that Imoen is nowhere to be found, so we have to find someone else to replace Iylos with! :ohdear:

At least we got one more Sandrah banter out of him.

The coat is identified just as expected it's extremely overpowered. Who would've thought?

Our efforts to redeem Sarevok continue.

Aun Argent is hanging around here now.

Not really much of a plan, is it? Oh well, we might as well give it a try. It is right next door after all.

Oh boy, we all know what Sandrah means by healing, don't we? :imunfunny:

We also talk a bit about her latest encounter with Mystra.

Time to rescue Caelar!

We teleport to the bridge we encountered back in Siege of Dragonspear, only a few minor demons between us and our target.

It doesn't take long for us to find her.

Convincing her to come along isn't that hard.

Time to leave Avernus once and for all.

Excuse me while I shed a tear or two.

That's right, we've just found our replacement for Iylos!

I can't tell if there's anything new here but I might as well share it anyway. Half of our party now consists of antagonists!

These therapy sessions are a lot of fun.

Time to go back into the wide, open world again!

Not going to cover this area in detail, there's not that much going on here to begin with.

Irenicus does some magicky stuff.

Hmm, this Watcher's Keep place seems like a good place to start. Nice going, Irenicus!

Caelar also has a task for us but we'll leave that for later.

Didn't expect these two to have words but there you go, we fade to black...

We saw this cutscene before back in Siege of Dragonspear, it's nice to see it again I suppose?

With both my nemesis and counselor in agreement our path is set. :colbert:

Quite the impressive place, let's make our way to the entrance!

...Who's playing clown music?

I do have a habit of getting myself roped into these situations, don't I? Oh well, to the roof!

We'd best make ourselves ready before heading inside, I've got the feeling this'll be Durlag's tower all over again!

God fucking damn it, Sandrah. Don't you dare beat me to the punch when it comes to redeeming Sarevok! :argh:

Pol's nice enough to give us some items as well as a general idea on what to expect.

It's time to head in. What will await us in Watcher's Keep? What is the nature of this Imprisoned One? I can't wait to organically find this shit out!

Or I could just ask Sandrah to spoonfeed the information for me. :suicide:

Fighting the Demogorgon is an intimidating prospect, or at least it would be if we didn't already kick his ass way back when we were rescuing Haer'Dalis with the POWER OF LOVE.

:barf: :suicide:

These dialogues are so predictable and yet I'm still surprised by how much they suck.

Exploring this area we run into a former denizen of these halls.

Also monsters.

A clue as to how to exit this level. More on that later.


More items.

Wow, these statues are so lifelike!

Anyway, time to explore some more so we can activate the portal.

This altar seems to be the key to getting out of here.

Oh dear, the statues are not statues at all!

This place could use some warmth.

We manage to find a tinderbox, as well as a whole lot of other items!

We need the wardstones to access a locked area to the north without being attacked.

This key unlocks the door to the aforementioned area.

Irenicus also reacts to the letter but nothing more comes of it.

Time to light the fire. Cozy. :)

The ghostly archivist seems to enjoy it as well.

With the wardstones in hand the golems don't bother us.

Another strange note. Irenicus doesn't react to this one.

Uh-oh, weapons at the ready! :black101:

Oh, that was actually quite pleasant. :)

And with that we finally have enough info to do the ritual.

And by we I mean Sandrah, of course. :jerkbag:

The rest of the statues come to life but they're not that hard to deal with.

This might be a good place to end things for now, next time we'll see if we can't cover the rest of this megadungeon!