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Part 134: Chapter CXXXI - Are we nothing but pawns in a game here, Lord of the Chaos?

Chapter CXXXI - Are we nothing but pawns in a game here, Lord of the Chaos?

We have the luxury of revisiting old areas in ToB, we have to make use of it to help Caelar out.

It did lead to this bug where we could ask Drizzt to help us out with Bodhi.

Guess it's off to Kanaglym as was already suggested. Could've saved me 100gp. :(

One of Caelar's former disciples tries to impede on our progress to no avail.

A short while later we arrive at Kanaglym.

And that's that. Not really that much to it, was there?

We do run into Nederlok again while leaving but we manage to avoid having to kill him.

Time to make some more progress with the main quest!

Irenicus is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to places like this.

Could it be...?

What's he doing? :saddowns:


Of course Sandrah realises what's going on immediately but for some reason doesn't to do anything to stop it.

The impostor died a painful death shortly afterwards.

He did manage to get to Sandrah after all.

Time to head into the temple.

A temple of Bhaal, it seems.

This lady seems to have lost her marbles ages ago, we do need her help though so we have no choice but to do as she says.

Huh, I was wondering why this place looked like Elminster's garden.

Next we head for the Marching Mountains.

Yep, we're definitely in the right place.

I shudder to think how these were conceived.

The temple entrance isn't hard to fight and we're slowly but surely making our way through it. (I fucking loathe this area and won't be covering it in great detail)

Which one of us killed the other again, Sarevok? :smuggo:

Irenicus is extremely jealous that Sandrah gets overpowered gear.

The last of the Fire Giants put up a valiant fight but they too fall beneath our blades! :black101: (How a fire giant almost killed Sandrah in one hit while the Demogorgon couldn't even do damage is still a mystery to me)

Yaga-Shura's heart is ours, now to find Nyalee's heart.

What th-

Oh, it's just Skie.

If you pay close attention you'll notice that Sandrah just leapfrogged the plot yet again. It'd be nice if we'd be allowed to talk to her as well but no such luck, she's already gone.

Am I supposed to know who this is? No matter, he's dead within seconds.

Aren't these two the cutest? :swoon:

It's been a while since we've had a mid-dungeon sexual encounter.

We save one of Yaga-Shura's slaves and learn some stuff for our trouble.

The second heart is found in Yaga-Shura's bedroom, as well as his journal. That's all for this area.

Did I mention this mod was also made by Roxanne? Only more puzzling that she hasn't talked to Sandrah yet. I guess she only makes crossmod content with other people's mods. :jerkbag:

We head back to the temple and give the hearts to Nyalee.

She decides to grow a conscience shortly afterward but to no avail.

Not to worry, fine inhabitants of Saradush. We will attack the siege camp and break the s-


Oh no. :ohdear:

Yaga-Shura will pay for this! :black101:

There he is, let's get him! :black101:

Stay and fight, coward! :argh:

Yaga-Shura managed to flee but he quickly returns with reinforcements.

Eventually Sandrah's hammer finds his head and we pass out.

Back at the Pocket Plane once again.

Sandrah was...wrong?

I'm not the biggest fan of Throne of Bhaal but I always enjoyed these sequences.

We wake up back at the siege camp.

Melissan is waiting for us and points us to Amkethran.

I probably picked the wrong choice here but the other ones didn't feel right either, it's easy to fuck up Irenicus' redemption and for reasons I can't get into right now it's important that he survives ToB.

It's good to know I have his support, at least.

Looks like we're going to have to return to Waterdeep before continuing the main quest to solve the mystery of Khalindra's second child.

Are we sure Roxanne wrote this? It's not as awful as Sandrah's dialogue, that's for sure.

Oh God, not this guy again. :cripes:

I much preferred it when these dialogues ended in combat instead of him damaging us one by one in a cutscene.

So each of the remaining Bhaalspawn is sponsored by a god. Illasera by Cyric, Yaga-Shura by Talos. Vichan by MystraSandrah.

Next time we'll pass the second trial in the Pocket Plane, after that's it's off to Waterdeep to deal with Sandrah's sibling!