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by Vichan

Part 135: Chapter CXXXII - I will not lose mine daughters and the hope of the Realms to Bhaal!!

Chapter CXXXII - I will not lose mine daughters and the hope of the Realms to Bhaal!!

Heading back to the Pocket Plane to take care of the second challenge.

There's something poetic about this.

Let's not spend any more time on my story though, we have Sandrah content to sift through!

Before we do so we talk with her about my mother, the true owner of Gorion's dagger that we've been hauling around for ages.

Time to head to Waterdeep!

Elminster is waiting for us in his garden. (For those of you who are actually invested in Sandrah's story it's important not to skip the coming conversations)

You're an adult, Sandrah. Act like it. :argh: Our relationship is creepy enough as it is.

Qilandrha? Where have I heard that name before? Fueled by Bhaal's power as well as Mystra's? I'm not sure the LP can handle another Mary Sue.

Sandrah forces us to swear an oath to do her bidding.

Not doing so causes Sandrah to leave the party, even kicking you out of Candlekeep.

For the sake of the LP I reload and reswear the oath, now we can head to Elminster.

...I thought I was the unique Bhaalspawn. Even that is taken from me. :negative:

And she's a drow to boot? :jerkbag:

Looks like there's an entrance to Undermountain in Mystra's temple.

Might as well pay a visit to Shar-Teel and little Gorion while we're here.

'Having some fun' would involve ending this LP and basically doing anything else.

Drizzt is also here, just as confused as ever.

Khalindra's grave holds the entrance to Undermountain. Let's do this. :black101:

A scout spots us and runs away.

Nothing noteworthy about the first area, just some spiders and mists to fight.

The second area is a bit more exciting.

The pathfinding sucks though, you can walk over pretty much every obstacle here.

A locked door is in our way, we need to find a key.

We need to go downstairs here to find it.

This area is from Planescape:Torment, I really should we replaying that game instead of this shit.

The hardest fight here is against a lich.

Who were these poor souls?

Gorpel Hind and his party could be encountered in Baldur's Gate during the events of the first game, I forget if I included that encounter since Sandrah didn't react to it.

There are mimics here but Jen'lig's project force catapults them into the walls so we can't get to them.

After a while some demons spawn in, not as hard as the lich but still annoying.

We finally get the key.

I really, really want to play Planescape: Torment now.

Going back to the previous area there's not much to talk about after we've opened the door. Time to continue to the next one.

I think we've arrived at our destination.

Yep, definitely.

I don't think 'drowish' is a word.

One of the temple's priests bars our way.

We pass their test and are allowed to continue to the next area.

Sandrah's supposed to leave you if you fail to answer the questions correctly but I didn't get it to work.

Anyway, time to head into Qilandrha's hideout.

Lots of people hanging around here.

You get the idea.

This is the only person worth talking to here.

Wait a minute, I have seen her before!

She talked to us way back in BG1! I wonder if it'll come up in conversation.

...Guess not. Sandrah leaves the party here and you're encouraged to talk to everyone but we've already done so.

There's quite an enticing dialogue option there, though. Let's see what it does.


Sandrah leaves our party and attacks us, as do all the elves hanging out here.


Elminster teleports in, when we attack him we makes short work of poor Vichan.

Qilandrha can't be killed, by the way. Time to reload.

After exploring for a bit Sandrah rejoins us.

We are now allied with Sandrah's sister, I'm sure she will be of use in the final fight. :respek:

Using the rod when you're not supposed to is a bad idea.

That's it for our excursion to Waterdeep but while we're here let's cover the road to Amkethran as well!

First I travel back to Watcher's Keep and use Lum's machine to increase my stats, something which I didn't bother to do initially.

The road to Amkethran takes us past an Oasis, sweet!


Sandrah can solve this encounter as well but any other mod that also allows you to skip a fight here has priority here. Her solution probably involved sex.

We traipse past the army...

..And make our way to Amk-

...Huh, this isn't the place.

We'd best be on our guard here.

Jen'lig has some new PIDs, might as well show them here. I can't believe this is also a Roxanne mod.

The good thing is nobody innocent will be caught in the crossfire.

There they are! :black101:

You tell 'em, Jen'lig! :colbert:

...I feel so bad for her. :negative:

The way to Amkethran is clear now, let's get some rest before continuing.


Oh, it's one of those dreams! :heysexy:

So unnecessary, although I guess it's par for the course for the Romantic Encounters mod.

Next time we'll enter Amkethran and see about this supposed 'ally', running into some old friends while we're at it.