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Part 136: Chapter CXXXIII - Who could be a better symbol for Love and Hope than one who is condemned as *Evil* by those who consider themselves superior and *Good*!!

Chapter CXXXIII - Who could be a better symbol for Love and Hope than one who is condemned as *Evil* by those who consider themselves superior and *Good*!!

With all the diversions out of the way we finally arrive at Amkethran. For some reason we arrive in the southeast corner of the map instead of southwest.

That priest is going to get himself killed, we'd better intervene! :black101:

We'd best keep a low profile if we want to have an audience with Balthazar.

I think I see where this story's going and I have to say I quite like it. :)

This phallic object is the local temple.

Looks like Balthazar is not exactly popular in Amkethran.

Sandrah wants to remind us that she has a copy of the script.

Hey, it's Saemon! I have a bone or two to pick with him! :black101:

He tricks the two mercenaries into attacking us and flees in the confusion. Come back, coward! :argh:

Sarevok talks a big game but the cracks are starting to show.

Next up is the local watering hole.

Just once I'd like to enjoy a drink without being given a quest.

We talk a bit with the innkeeper before heading over to Marlowe's house.

Oh, I almost forgot about this place.

Poor Lazarus, relocated yet again.

(I didn't include picking up the Elven tome in the LP because I figured it was just another junk item lying around. Whoops)

Finally we arrive at Marlowe's house.

Irenicus has a point there, this merchant is probably not telling us everything. Only one way to find out though.

On our way to the cave we take care of a situation between the mayor's daughter and some mercenaries.

Another day, another lich.

Seems like Marlowe willingly made a deal with this creature only to back out to the detriment of his family. He has a lot to answer for! :argh:

At least he's willing to atone to save his daughter.

It's Marlowe's lucky day, though. I'm not in the mood to make deals.

That takes care of the only quest in this dump.

We just have one more place to go to.

I'm not a fan of smugglers, especially if they're allied with Saemon, but these monks are even worse. :black101:

Don't mention it. :smuggo:

We've finished up everything there is to do in Amkethran so we can meet with Balthazar now. (Normally this is the first thing you tend to do but I like to do things ass-backward)

What a dick.

Irenicus is quite the tease.

I've decided to tackle Abazigal's Lair first.

I always loved this particular area for some reason, maybe it's the gigantic stairs?

Why do you keep talking about your kind, Draconis?

Oh God, Draconis is a dragon! Who could've foreseen this? Why didn't Sandrah warn us? :saddowns:

(Those two mage characters you see there are some of Sandrah's summons)

We can use the head as a key to head inside. Yuck.

The guy talking turns into a wyvern shortly afterwards. What will they think of next, werehamsters?

The werewyvern was carrying a potion bottle that we fill shortly afterwards. (This dungeon isn't terribly exciting and kind of annoying, you'll forgive me if I only show the highlights)

While the monk doesn't divulge his reasons for being here we do learn that we need a scroll of reversal in order to defeat Abazigal's guardian. This rope will allow us to access pretty much every area in this dungeon.

Seeing the dead monk makes Sandrah all philosophical.

If I covered this dungeon in great detail one third of the screenshots would be like this. Diving, diving, diving.

One of my favorite bits coming up.


With the scroll in hand we can finally head to Abazigal. :black101:

As said before Irenicus' redemption is extremely easy to fuck up and I get the feeling I've already done so. :negative: Finding comprehensive information on the mod is harder than you think, I'm basically flying blind here.

The scroll of reversal allows us to free the dragon. Jen'lig also gets her to upgrade the item we found in the Spelljammer.

Watching Jen'lig's story develop is a delight that not even Sandrah can ruin. :allears:

We finally face Abazigal, a fight is inevitable. (I tried some other conversation options but they mostly lead to the same dialogues, disappointing)

It doesn't take long for him to show his true form.

Yikes, I almost feel sorry for the poor thing.

Irenicus gloats and we pass out.

Speak to me, oh Solar.

Did I just split in two?

Another door opens and we return to Faerun yet again.

Forget what I said before, it's pretty obvious that Caelar and Sandrah are both written by Roxanne. :cripes:

For those of you that are wondering, I'm planning on covering both endings. If only to see how Sandrah will react to them.

Take that, Sandrah. I win! :smuggo:

Guess we know who Abazigal's sponsor was.

Tiamat plagiarizes Spock, transforms into a human and runs off.

Next time we'll be heading to Sendai's Enclave, but I've got something else planned beforehand. More on that later.