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Part 137: Addendum IV - Can't a descent dwarf enjoy his beer in peace without a foolish human immediately pulling him into hell?

Addendum IV - Can't a descent dwarf enjoy his beer in peace without a foolish human immediately pulling him into hell?

It's been a while since we had one of these, I originally planned to use these things to cover alternate solutions as well as Sandrah's many, many skills but the former are few and far between and the latter aren't really worth mentioning for the most part.

Anyway, I was asked a pretty good question a couple of days ago:

Ramc posted:

Oh, can you summon Minsc into the pocket plane or is he blocked off now since he got sent off in the weird side plot

I was wondering myself but...

Why stop there?

Let's try Minsc first.

Huh, Roxanne actually put in effort with this one. Now I'm curious about the rest of the options.

If you're not interested in all of these summons you might as well skip the rest, no Sandrah content to be found.

A lot of these are unavailable.

I forgot that I had these mods installed so I was very confused that I actually managed to summon them.

Breagar was one of those NPCs that I completely forgot about, otherwise he'd probably feature in a couple of BG2 chapters.

(All of the chapter titles are from Sandrah Saga except for two which come from Breagar)


Fuck off, crybaby.

And don't you forget it, you ponce! :argh:

Nice to see you, Cernd. Why don't you visit some of the other planes? I'm sure they'd be happy to meet you.

Edwin is so bugged that he won't even show up to the Pocket Plane. :cripes:

I'd invite her back but our party is full. :smith:

Oh dear, I completely forgot about Jan as well, didn't I? No matter, his Sandrah content is extremely limited.

These two are a sight for sore eyes. The Pocket Plane is in good hands. :hai:

Isn't she adorable? :allears:

Meet the new and improved Nalia. Her portrait still sucks.

Ms. Monkeycheese is still annoying.

No, we're not covering the SoD characters and their respective quests. To be honest I shouldn't even have invited them into the party to begin with.

We missed the chance to shift Viconia's alignment. Not to worry, Sandrah has next to nothing to say about it anyway.

We had to talk to her manually and she won't budge afterwards. Screw her.

Foundling doesn't want to move either.

Neither does Isra, what's with these people?

Our Pocket Plane has become quite crowded. Was it worth dedicating my time to this exercise? Probably not.

The rest of the Five are going to get it next time. :black101: