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Part 14: Chapter XIV - Healer of souls.

Chapter XIV - Healer of souls.

With a hamster on our side we will be unbeatable!

Before we head for Dynaheir we're going to hunt some winter wolves, heading past the mines towards the place where they were last spotted Sandrah has a question for Branwen.

...You can really tell the difference between BG1NPC and Sandrah Saga, can't you?

While heading to the mines...

An ambush!

Wait, who's that?

The resulting fight was far from a challenge, especially not with Dorn's help.

After the battle he wants to join us, let's hold off on that for now though. We might visit him at the Friendly Arm Inn later.

In the next area we make short work of the winter wolves, before we can head back with the pelts, however...

The writing is just *terrible*, at least they're not fu-

*fade to black*

...The beast hungers, no-one is safe. :negative:

Let's just bring back the pelts.

Aren't they cute together?

With the pelts delivered and Imoen satisfied we head west towards the gnoll stronghold, god knows how long it'll take before we'll get there.

It's nice to know I can still count on her.

I wonder what these Xvarts are guarding?




Not now, Branwen. I'm having a power trip here.

What the fuck am I, chopped liver?

I think I'm going to throw up.

Maybe I should initiate a PID and tell Sandrah I'm not OK with th-

...Oh. Oh my. I was almost hoping this was going to be a Sandrah-lite chapter.

Let's get it over with and just ask her as many things as we can, alright? You might want to take breaks during this.

It was actually raining when this happened, IDK if the conversation triggered it. Let's not wait until it dies down and ask again.

Don't ever mention my mother and Sandrah in the same conversation again, thank you. :barf:

What I'll give her is a one-way ticket to the Blood War.

God, she's just so mysterious!


The spell does nothing, by the way.

So. Much. Kissing. :barf:

And saving the absolute nadir of the LP so far for last:

Oh, go fuck yourself Roxanne. We can't even ask her about Branwen, fucking hell.

Let's continue on, shall we?

This cave seems ominous...

...Inside were only some more xvarts and a bear though, meh...

We also get this conversation out of it. Let's explore the rest of the village.

But first some conversation about cooking!

This guy, the rest of the villagers and their excuse for a guardian fall like dominoes.


Reality soon sets in though.

Aha, I knew there had to be more behind this, back to the cave!

(I wasn't able to screenshot this but the left side of the cave lead to a new section)

Well, this is certainly new.

The cave is filled with Xvarts but they're no match for my wolf who I send ahead to wreak havoc time and time again.

AHA, finally the true culprits are exposed. All the xvarts in the village will be so relie-

...Oh, oops.

The second druid dies even easier as the first, he doesn't even deserve a screenshot. (Both were actually pretty tough, mostly because of the bears supporting them)

And with that justice has arrived to the xvart village. I almost forgot Minsc was there, he's not been very talkative so far.

Branwen even gives me a medal!

The remaining xvarts are friendly now, though a bit skittish. It's nice to end things on a positive note. :gbsmith: