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Part 140: Chapter CXXXVI - I can hardly await to roam the realms once again and meet old friends.

Chapter CXXXVI - I can hardly await to roam the realms once again and meet old friends.

Everything from this point forward is content made by Roxanne. God have mercy on our souls.

Excited to see what's next? I sure am! :stonklol:

Don't mind us, we're just hanging out in Mount Celestial like the literal gods that we are. :respek:

Pelligram transforms and the Solar teleports in.

You read that right, ten years have passed since our adventuring days.

Looks like Cyric is stirring up trouble between Waterdeep and the Clan Orcs and we need to revert to our human forms in order to set things right. This part of the game isn't called 'Return to Faerun' for shits and giggles.

Jen'lig's still hanging out in the final ToB area, we have to manually remove her from the party in order to continue. :smith:

All my equipment is gone.

There are a few items laying around in the chests here. This isn't based on items I had in my inventory before, the Equalizer's here even though I never bothered to assemble it.

We can't explore the rest of our 'house' or go outside. Too bad.

A kick ass throne room though, no doubt about it.

I'm going to head for the Clan Lands first, it doesn't really matter in which order you do these.

Here we are again, I can't wait to see how Minsc and Shauhana are doing!

Oh God the Solar and Pelligram are banging. :stonk:

It's nice to hear that Imoen and Henning are still together. :allears:

What about the rest though?

We never ran into Yasraena because I didn't install the mod, it's nice to see Sandrah pretend otherwise though.

Probably still as mopey as ever.

Breagar and Finch are where we met them originally, fitting.

Haer'Dalis is at Raelis Shai's theater.

Nalia has gotten herself an advance in station.

We'll run into Jan soon enough.

That's a weird place for Aerie to hang out. Oh well.

Spoiler: None of these will be rejoining our party. We've got an entire new cast to work with.

Our ascension to godhood is not public knowledge, that's probably a good thing. You'd think the addition of a 'God of hope and love' would ruffle at least a few feathers.

We never really took advantage of Sandrah's parcel to begin with and we're not going to start now.

The other PID option is meaningless but I do love the fact that you're forced into a romance with Sandrah despite Roxanne's claims.

Our journey through the Clanlands is mostly uneventful, this lone orc shaman is the only enemy we face.

The game seems to think we're in the Gnoll stronghold for some reason, this'll persist for quite some time.

Shauhana's new fortress is right next to Nib Jansen's airship.

That's quite the decor.

The orc receptionist (LMAO) tells us where to go but let's explore first.

We talk for a bit with the orcs here.

It doesn't take long for us to run into a familiar face.

Minsc seems to be doing well. :)

There's an area beneath the fortress.

We're ambushed by some lava creatures, not too bad.

Jan's still at his pocket plane dialogue, one has to wonder why Roxanne even bothered to put him here.

This is a lie, we can't go further.

We ran into Varlag way back in BG1 when we were going to Icewind Dale with Drizzt.

Nice to see that the Clan Orcs respect the dead. :hai:

That's it for this area, time to head back to the fortress itself.

This guy seems familiar.

Elminster's annoying messenger turned prince of the Crownlands, he's changed a lot.

His foster mother is right next door.

Right you are, Sandrah. Let's see what's wrong.

Nice to hear that Shar-Teel and Keldorn are doing well. :hai:

Where did I hear that name before?

Anyway, I guess we have to make our way from here to Waterdeep on foot, watching out for trouble along the way. Shouldn't be that hard.

I guess we can take the little tyke with us.

After receiving a gift from his mother our first new addition to the party falls in line.

Why does he have elf ears if he's a human? Why does he have a hamster named Boola? Why are his stats the same as Minsc's except for some extra points in charisma?

His level's also pretty low compared to mine and Sandrah's but that is to be expected.

He comes with his own equipment, let's take a look.

Shauhana's bow shoots magic missiles. That'll surely come in handy.

He's got some unique items besides that.

And of course a hamster named Boola, descended from the famous Boolerion. :suicide:

He also has some 'ordinary' items.

Tears were shed.

Especially since Giran's barks are already annoying the hell out of me. He shares his voiceset with Minsc.

This is a nice looking area, I wonder what game it's from?

I'm going to follow the Sandrah Saga guide (which is written by PaulaMigrate, one of Roxanne's alts) because I'm very paranoid about breaking something if I don't do what it says to the letter. That means going on foot to Waterdeep and reporting to Shar-Teel afterwards, not the other way around.

We make our way west through familiar areas with not a monster in sight.

After a while we arrive at the bridge.

There's definitely something strange going on here, time to investigate.

A battle took place here, not even the horses were spared. :ohdear:

The only thing to fight here are some yetis but surely they can't be responsible for all this madness?

Giran's bow owns, by the way.

West leads us towards Waterdeep but we're going to be exploring south first.

Not much going on here, plenty of polar bears though.

To the west we find some Duergar next to what's left of the scouts.

Compared to what we faced in ToB these are pitifully easy.

If only we were quicker, these two might still be alive. :negative:

That's it for this area.

From the bridge we head west to the next area. (Who kills horses, seriously?)

The next area just has more bodies as well as Yetis for us to slaughter.

Scar and Brage? That can't be right.

Brage was carrying this book.

We confer with Sandrah about what we just found.

The trader's hut isn't hard to find.

More bodies, as well as a trapdoor.

Just like Durlag's Tower this area is full of traps.

Next to some bodies we find this mysterious liquid. As a matter of fact bottles of this stuff are all around the dungeon.

That's pretty much it for this area.

Heading north leads to...

A lab area filled with even more potion bottles, that's pretty much it.

Thalantyr can make sense of the potion but we're going to head to Waterdeep first.

From here we head south.

We arrive at the ruins of the temple of Sune, right outside Waterdeep. Sandrah gets two new skills here.

Two insta-death spells for the price of one. Why not?

There's demons all around this area, that can't be right.

Could this guilty looking elf be the culprit?

Hey, look who it is! :neckbeard:

When we first ran into Melicamp I wondered why the hell he had a portrait, it seems now we have our answer.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Melicamp to be human while Giran is a half-elf? Human mage sprites even get a beard which Melicamp has in his portrait. The choices this mod makes...

None of his inventory items are worth mentioning, at least he comes with some stuff.

Sandrah interrogates Melicamp but he doesn't really tell us anything worth knowing.

That's it for this area, moving on...

...We finally arrive in Waterdeep. Next time we'll explore the town, reconnect with Shar-Teel and try to figure out just what the hell is going on here.