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Part 141: Chapter CXXXVII - Psst, I am here incognito, little nun.

Chapter CXXXVII - Psst, I am here incognito, little nun.

We pick up where we left off: The front gate of Waterdeep.

...Or is it Candlekeep?

Nope, we're definitely in the right place.

Contrary to the text these doors do open, but you still can't enter.

Some areas are accessible like this store.

Cespenar is here, fulfilling the same role he always had.

This place is a bit glitchy but very pretty.

"Well, I don't mean to brag but... :smuggo:"

Beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. :allears:

Not the most helpful of bartenders.

Not much to do here besides talking to the patrons.

I do find this robe for Melicamp to wear.

The second floor of this area doesn't have anything of note, I'm not really sure why I'm including it. I guess I have to show more areas since these are all Sandrah Saga-exclusive.

I wonder how many people made it this far, could I be the first? For all I know every other person who claimed to have beaten the game might be an alt of Roxanne.

...Wait, am I one of Roxanne's alts? :ohdear:

We ran into Marina before back when she was hanging out with the Shadow Thieves. She now hawks her wares in public.

This area is an absolute delight to explore.

Sandrah repeats her opening lines for some reason.

There's a castle to the east but there's nothing to do here.

To the north is a temple of Tempus.

What a way to start a conversation.

It's been a while since Sandrah got to show off her skills, let's follow him.

...Don't you have a bed?

Investigating the body only leads to more questions. What the hell is going on here?

Nothing left to do in this temple or the rest of this area of Waterdeep.

Beautiful, isn't it? :allears: I wonder what game it's from.

The pathfinding's a mess though.

We soon arrive in a familiar area.

Our first stop is the temple of Mystra.

Most of the priests are oblivious.

The guys in charge know what's going on, of course.

Who could this be?

A new party member, that's who!

A beautiful lady who worships me? Yes please. :heysexy:

Her 'new' class is just a monk.

Unlike Melicamp she's got a lot of special gear.

Even her fist is special.

And she's wearing one of my hand-me-downs.

Sandrah's relationship web is about to get a lot more complicated, I think.

She also has a unique cloak. It probably does something but Sandrah Saga has the annoying habit of obscuring any magic item's effects.

The only 'mundane' item is this scimitar.

It's criminal that they still charge us for temple services.

We use Khilandra's tomb to enter Qilandrha's enclave. This time we get sent there directly instead of having to trudge around Undermountain.

Sendai's daughter is hanging out here and she's willing to join our party!

She doesn't look like a drow.

No special items but her shield evaporated seconds after joining the party. :cripes:

Viconia's also hanging out here but she's got nothing interesting to say.


What am I doing to myself?

So many words and yet they manage to say absolutely nothing.

That's it for Undermountain.

Time to pay a visit to my family.

There they are! :swoon:

...Alright then.

Those are the most plate-looking books I've ever seen.

Here we are in Shar-Teel's war room.

Roxanne still writes Keldorn like a bigot while Shar-Teel's the tolerant one. :jerkbag:

Like I said, it really doesn't matter if you do Waterdeep or the Clanlands first, everything is mostly the same.

Oh, Kelddath. You haven't changed a bit! :imunfunny:

Love you too. :biglips:

Guess there's nothing left to do but head to High Hedge.

I knew that name sounded familiar! He was that weird collector guy who kept showing up!

We can flirt with Leyala now. The other two options don't do anything.

Leaving Waterdeep leads to this conversation between L'urieet and Sandrah. All of these conversations are basically excuses for people to heap praise on Sandrah. 'Emphatic' my ass.

The road out of Waterdeep leads to the Friendly Arm Inn, we might as well visit the place while we're here.

Inside we run into yet another familiar face.

The world's most famous storyteller, ladies and gentlemen!

We warn him to keep his mouth shut and he runs off.

He does leave us with his book.

Finally the game recognizes that we're not in the Gnoll Stronghold anymore!

Next time we'll have a chat with Thalantyr and see where it leads us.