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Part 142: Chapter CXXXVIII - Oh, bestest of all bestest mamas... I will make you proud of me.

Chapter CXXXVIII - Oh, bestest of all bestest mamas... I will make you proud of me.

Just as we arrive in High Hedge we get confronted by this idiot again. (It's probably a different guy each and every time but come on...)

*Insert joke here*

These guys get easier every time I face them. In the beginning they were quite challenging.

Lots of demons and other nasties roaming around nearby though, including a friendly 'Avatar of Talos'....

...Which turns hostile after this Tanar'ri teleports in. Quite the annoying fight.

The old enemies are also still hanging around here, you can probably picture how easy they are to beat at this point.

Inside we talk to Thalantyr who also seems to be aware of Sandrah's true nature.

The dialogue was always shitty but it feels like it's getting worse and worse. :bang:

Melicamp's word salad aside I do enjoy Thalantyr's quips.

Looks like we have to locate the mage's lens for him. Just like old times, I guess.

Melicamp seems to have grown a bit, at least.

Roxanne does have a way with words, doesn't she?

Giran's conversation is pretty good in comparison to the others.

Who's scum now, huh!? :black101:

The plan is to start at the Xvart village and make our way back to High Hedge through Wilderness Lake and Red Canyons.

Sandrah Saga adds this random encounter, it's possible to encounter these in BG1 where it's extremely easy to get wiped. I don't remember if I've showed it off before or not.

Sandrah and L'urieet have so much in common. :respek:

What a shitty character.

"Sure, you summoned an army of demons that could have attacked Waterdeep but your intentions were good!"

The new Mother of All Magic, everyone.

We pay a visit to the Xvart village but there's no lens to be found here.

That dead Xvart you see in the screenshot wasn't attacking us but Giran found it necessary to pulverize him with his bow anyway. :negative:

Our next stop is the lake where we first met Drizzt.

It doesn't take long for Leyala to spot an imp. (She's extremely fast and is almost always the first to arrive to any given location.)

It quickly speeds off, leaving us to fight the enemies it leaves behind.

No-one can outrun Leyala.

Before heading back to Thalantyr we take a rest.

Just how many accolades does Sandrah need? She's a god!

Looks like we have some time off.

Time to head back to Beregost to visit a certain besta friend.

"These peons are mere ants for me to stomp on! :black101:"

The Beregost Orphanage, formerly known as Travenhurst manor.


We first ran into Isobel when the orphanage was first founded, it looks like she takes after her foster mother a lot in all the worst ways.

Revianel is still as radiant as ever.


On the second floor we're reunited with Imoen. Henning's there as well.

Imoen doesn't sound quite as braindead as she used to, Isobel is a whole other story...

Anyway, looks like we have a new party member. :shepicide:

Someone has to go...

...And it has to be Melicamp. The guide actually recommends this as you'll miss the least amount of content this way. Don't worry, he'll be back.

Oh, Imoen. What have you created? :ohdear:

She has unique gear as well.


Why the fuck would you give this to your foster daughter, Imoen? :barf:

It probably smells something awful.

I guess she would considering Henning pawned it off to his daughter instead.

Also Naronguth's slippers because why the hell not?

Her voice-set is Imoen's, fittingly.

(Melicamp, Leyala and L'urieet don't have voicesets and are completely silent)

I've had enough of this place, let's get out of here.

The villagers are a bit behind the times.

Everything else in Beregost is more or less the same so after resting at the inn we head back to High Hedge.

Izzy and Giran know each other. I guess it makes sense.

Now there's an image, yuck.

I shudder to think what Nerkio is able to do with Sandrah's hair.

If we want further answers we'll have to track down Irenicus.

This means Athkatla is our next stop. Little did I know that this seemingly simple visit would scar me for life.