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Part 145: Chapter CXLI - You have cleaned the groove again?

Chapter CXLI - You have cleaned the groove again?

Sandrah explains why we should go to Candlekeep, but we're going to head to Waterdeep first.

Leaving the summer camp transports you to the Field of the Dead which we explored back in BG1, it's north of the Friendly Arm Inn while the summer camp was way out east. I don't get it either.

We're immediately thrust into a fight with some particularly nasty vampires.

A mysterious figure watches our fight in silence, walking offscreen while we're wrapping things up.

Sandrah knows who it is but she's hesitant to tell us.

Exploring the orc camp nearby leads to this conversation between Giran and Sandrah.

Enough of that, though. It's time to pay a visit to Elminster's house in Waterdeep!

If anyone ever did that Sandrah would be long gone by now for the good of the Realms.

Midnight and Drizzt are officially together and living in Elminster's garden house!

We have to walk into the altar in Elminster's garden which teleports you to...

That's...quite a park house. Elminster is living large.

Mystra's creatures guard this place.

Nothing else to do here so let's just head inside!

You've got a weird definition of that word.

I wonder if Midnight knows that Drizzt has had sex with both her daughter AND granddaughter?

Speaking of Midnight...

We can ask Midnight a lot of questions so let's get started.

Ally? More like liability. The guy has been hilariously ineffective so far.

...So was Cyric if I'm being perfectly honest.

It's Velsharoon, the ghostly mage figure that has me worried, though. :ohdear: The minions he summoned were actually pretty tough to beat and the fact that he didn't speak at all but just floated off into the distance made him pretty intimidating in a way that Cyric and Talos never managed to be.

Lastly she gives us some more insights on what's in store, good thing I was planning on heading to Candlekeep anyway!

We say our goodbyes to Drizzt and get out of here.

This is their abode in case you were curious.

We can't go to Candlekeep directly but have to go to the Lion's Way first.

Gone but not forgotten. :unsmith:

Oh, hey! It's Kollsed. The first guy you're likely to come across after your first encounter with Sarevok. Having him turn up after such a horrific scene was a great morale boost back when I was just a scared little kid fumbling my way through this game.

Roxanne completely butchers his character, of course. :shepicide:

Will I ever be able to enjoy Baldur's Gate again after this? Time will tell.

After a fade to black we wake up in a cave somewhere. Better head outside to see where we a-


Didn't I kill you already?

(I used to like this guy as a kid because I shared a name with him, not knowing that he's a reference to a porn star. :cripes:)

His wyverns are no match for us, neither is the guy himself. Something happens as he's about to go down though...

Cythandria? Sarevok's girlfriend who we also killed way back when? And these two are intimate? :suicide:

Faldorn is here as well?

First there's a fight to win, though. Peter of the North gets it seconds after his partner stops talking.

The ogre's names sum up most of my reactions to Sandrah Saga.

Hopefully she'll stay dead this time.

Looks like we're in the Cloakwood, that makes sense. Maybe we should check out the treehouse?

This guy shares a name with one of Aldeth's companions but he sure doesn't look anything like him. Zorl used to be a mage.

He dies on the steps of the treehouse and we head inside.

This'll be good...

...And by good I mean immensely disappointing. Faldorn's not supposed to be alive, let alone good! :argh:

With our business in the Cloakwood finished we head back to the Lion's Way and into Candlekeep. Kollsed is nowhere to be found, maybe that is for the best.

Outside the walls is a statue to Gorion. :allears:

The rest of Candlekeep's mostly unchanged.

That depends on whether or not Finch is around. :heysexy: She's not.

Breagar's here, still sporting his pocket plane intro dialogue.

Almost every watcher you run into has this to say to you, it's pretty annoying.

I love you too, Reevor.

Winthrop and Izzy exchange some words and that's pretty much it as far as 'worthwhile' unique dialogue is concerned.

Time to head inside and work our way up to the top.

I couldn't find any of the level coordinators so I just headed straight up.

Ulraunt and Tethtoril don't even get unique dialogue, what a let-down.

It took some searching but...

...We eventually find the book we're looking for. Sandrah doesn't immediately respond to it so I guess we just have to make our way down a-


God damn you, Roxanne. :suicide:

He's accompanied by a lot of Duergar, fortunately most of them are hiding out in the area to the north. Not that it would have mattered.

It doesn't take long for Sarevok to fall once again. Idiot.

We take the symbol of Velsharoon from his body...

...And deal with the last of his minions. :black101:

Sarevok can go fuck himself as far as I'm concerned but I really don't want him to come back another time.

Let's just forget about this whole thing and move on.

Looks like the Ravencrest monastery is our next stop!

Next t-

What now!?

Great, looks like Ghotal's summer camp is other siege and we have to go rescue them.

I don't think I'll be coming back.

Let's just take care of it now.

I have no idea why we start in such an awkward location but we're immediately forced to fight.

Velsharoon is also in the area, pacing around the combat before disappearing.

We fight our way to the courtyard...

...Head into the castle...

...Fight some more enemies inside...

...And make our way down.

The fight's not over.

Especially not with these duergar necromancers constantly summoning skeletons.

This can quickly grow out of hand.

After dealing with them we head downstairs.

The next area's much bigger but there's not a lot to talk about. There's a lot of necromancers though.

This area was filled with skeletons as the messy floor shows. :black101:

I also fought a Balor at one point but I forgot to make a screenshot of it, it gets mentioned later on.

I really wish I had more to say about these areas, there's not really a lot of loot to find or unique enemies to battle beyond what I'm showing here.

We eventually find the gang cowering in a sideroom somewhere.


Wait, what!?

Oh, never mind. It's just an excuse to make me look dumb once more. :cripes:

Sandrah seals the portal...

...And we're teleported outside.

Next time we'll head to Amkethran and see what this Ravencrest place is all about!