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Part 146: Chapter CXLII - Boy, are ya the wrong thin' in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Chapter CXLII - Boy, are ya the wrong thin' in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Amkethran is still filled with hostile monks.

We're not here to stay, though. Ravencrest awaits!

Because Leyala is in our party we don't have to bother with a guide. We're immediately teleported to...

...A bandit who decides to attack us.

The men accompanying her are simply called 'murderers', we first ran into those types of enemies in BG1 where they were extremely difficult. They still hit hard but don't take long to die.

Giran's bow still owns, by the way. :colbert:

I have no idea what the hell a 'Supra lich' is but this all sounds very serious.

Looks like we could've taken a shortcut to Amkethran by heading through Waterdeep. Oops.

Looks like we're heading in the right direction.

Leyala warns me that heading that way will get us ambushed, though.

A nearby cave takes us above the cliffs, after that we can exit north.

The next area features this bridge that damages us when we go over the broken parts. Pretty neat. (No need to post a map, this bridge is 90% of the total area, there were some fire giants waiting in the north however)

We finally arrive at Ravencrest.

Lots of people to talk to here.

Pretty sure this is vanilla BG1 dialogue, I love how absolutely insane a lot of the merchants were.

We'll have to go to the harbor master's office if we want to enter the monastery itself.

Sheesh, rude.

Time to pay this nun a visit.

Nothing to do here, we have to use the north exit.

After walking along the walls for a bit we get the badge from the harbor master.

Before continuing I wanted to pay a visit to the docks.

The sailors are a bit confused.

The ocean sure looks choppy.

It's very tempting but I have to finish this LP. :colbert:

The way to the monastery is well hidden.

Even the door is hidden. Don't these people have landscapers?

The area we just traversed. It's time to head into the monastery itself.

Yes, we know. We just used it.

Oooh, a library.

Looks like some books were stolen.

We can't go downstairs without talking to Iylos.

Iylos' barks are quite wordy and voiced in a strange, ethereal manner. I wish he didn't bug out on us so this'd all make more sense. :(

Oh dear, what have these two been up to under the guise of 'education?' :ohdear:

After some back-and-forth with Sandrah he gives us permission to head downstairs.

Let's admire the interior before we leave. :allears:

We head downstairs and spot an altar to our left.

This is the 'relict' we need to continue.

Leyala prays at the fountain and points us to the hidden door that leads to...

...The Trash Warrens?

This place has mimics...

...Bone Golems...

...As well as these spongy skeletal archers that fire detonation arrows. Annoying but nothing we can't handle.

We're running into more and more of these dialogue bugs... :ohdear:

At the end we find this giant-ass bell.

Sandrah does a thing and we can continue past this wall.

I'm going to play the everloving shit out of Planescape: Torment as soon as this LP is behind me.

We've arrived at the seal.

Seems like we've reached a dead end. Looks like we have to head back to the librarian.

I was extremely puzzled why I couldn't talk to the librarian only to find out that I had to use Sandrah to talk to him. This is the first time I've had to do so when it comes to Sandrah Saga content.

Anyway, looks like we've learnt where we have to go next.

We say our goodbyes to Iylos and head out.

We can use a boat to travel to Baldur's Gate, but do we really want to?

The answer is yes, of course.

We hop onto a boat and cast off.

Even the chapters are horny.

The rest of the journey is uneventful for a change, we arrive at the Baldur's Gate docks.

Since almost everyone is fatigued it might be best to have some sleep at the Elfsong.

Turns out Garrick is running the place now, good for him. :)

What will await us in Mornbryn's Shield? Probably not anything good.