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Part 147: Chapter CXLIII - Uuh, I always been thinkin' the rain on our ol' Sword Coast wasss bad, but not asss wet asss that guy's word gush.

Chapter CXLIII - Uuh, I always been thinkin' the rain on our ol' Sword Coast wasss bad, but not asss wet asss that guy's word gush.

We've just arrived at Mornbryn's Shield.

Someone's been painting.

This rune was found on the palette. Let's hang on to it.

Nice ship.

This place looks deserted.

Aside from these dogs, that is.

After dispatching them we spot a dwarf.

He invites us inside and we oblige him.

The red wizards paid a visit to the town, we're about to see the results for ourselves in a bit.

I explored the rest of this area but there's not a lot to see.

What about that house we passed before?

Just a blacksmith. Oh well.

That's it for the Mornbryn's Shield outskirts. Time to head for the town itself.

Dead horsies. :ohdear:

This place is a ghost town.

The houses look neglected as well, to be honest.

There's some wolfweres to fight here.

You can enter the 'castle' from the north but I think that's a pathfinding oversight, better go around.

I wish these two would just get it over with already.

Oh boy, I would not want to be Szass Tam right now.

Going around a bit I enter the castle from the front.

Innocento, really?

No big deal.


The source of these maps is Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, a Commandos-like stealth strategy game. They were repurposed for Baldur's Gate for the unreleased Classic Adventures mod and Roxanne seems to have poached them.

Time to head inside the church.

A single skeleton stood guard here.

Further inside is a crypt but the tomb itself is locked.

Heading back to the main area my eyes were drawn towards the western gate.

Someone seems to have survived the onslaught. And he claims a little boy also survived. Oh dear... :ohdear:

We have to go into this house next to the church.

The real Innocento is hanging out upstairs, we send him back to the church.

...Is he the real one, though?

...Probably. :stonklol:

(You're unable to proceed if you do this)

Sandrah, you're literally a goddess. Why are you so thirsty for recognition?

Anyway, the key is in a nearby desk. We can use it to open the tomb so we can get...

A warhammer. You know what that means...

Dual hammers, bitch! :getin:

Contrary to what Sandrah says there's no time-limit to this thing, we might as well do as she says though. We exit the area to the south...

...And end up at Wyrm's Crossing. From here I went towards Waterdeep so I can take the shortcut to Amkethran that I missed earlier.




It only takes a few whacks for Shyntlara to flee.

This spider that she leaves us with is way harder to deal with but it goes down as well. :black101:

Foreshadowing on things to come or just an excuse to exchange compliments? Only time will tell.

Using the northern exit in the new Waterdeep area immediately takes us to the area outside Saradush. That's it. That's the shortcut.

Sandrah tells us about Karsus' Folly and the fall of Netheril.

We're getting ahead of ourselves now, first we have to go back to Ravencrest!

Leyala can still guide us.

I got this gem of an exchange after resting.

Through the cave.

Beyond the cliffs.

Over the bridge.

Past the docks.

And through the trees. We have arrived.

Oh God, this is all going to lead to an orgy scene, isn't it? :shepicide:

After saying hi to Iylos we head downstairs to Cerameon's tomb.

Along the way we are greeted by a familiar face. Doesn't anyone stay dead nowadays?

This dialogue... :suicide:

Narghal flees leaving us to deal with some Thayan liches and those annoying archers. We take care of them and move on.

The room reacts to the hammer and the portal opens.

A portal made especially for us.

Next time we'll go through it and head for exotic Thay!