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Part 148: Chapter CXLIV - Vichan's portfolio is of Love and Hope, your taint is cleaned forever.

Chapter CXLIV - Vichan's portfolio is of Love and Hope, your taint is cleaned forever.

We're about to travel to far-off Thay, I can't wait!

I have no idea why this cinematic starts playing but here we are.


Sure enough, when we head outside...

Yep, lots and lots of lava.

It's a good thing Giran's bow makes short work of these things because we can't actually get to them yet.

These salamanders are an absolute pain to deal with. Sandrah Saga enemies tend to have huge amounts of HP and they can dish out damage just as well.

We can interact with the lava to our right to reach the chest.

Inside is this balor's claw.

Sure enough, we soon find a non-hostile balor nearby.

He's quite amicable.

It doesn't take long for the balor to warm up to Sandrah. :suicide:

He tells us to fuck off for a bit so we might as well explore this area.

These Salamanders can't reach us but they form a conga line and follow us as closely as they can, preventing me from resting.

I have to admit I just used ctrl-Y to take care of these guys just so I could rest.

Sandrah thinks that the balor can become an ally, we'll have to wait and see.

Ask your riddles, fiend. :smuggo:

We pass the test with ease.

Even if we hadn't we just get admonished and the conversation continues regardless.

The balor turns itself into a dragon and acts as a makeshift bridge that we can cross.

I am not having a good time. :shepicide:

We say our farewells and move on.

An extremely annoying map that I'm glad to put behind me. Let's press on.

We arrive at a strange cemetery, apparently below the city of Bezantur.

This place has seen better days.

Balowol teleports in to help us out in this area.

Good thing too, because Cyric's agents are everywhere.

We come across a little side room.

This handbook is the only thing of note.

Well, maybe not the only thing but for now there's nothing left to do here.

We go back to the previous area and take a western exit this time.

There's two exits to the west...

But they both lead to this area.

These shades come out to greet us.

Gee, who could this temple have been dedicated to?

Further along we run into some priests of Cyric.

...Does this tomb belong to the Odesseiron family?

A strange apparition waits for us in a flooded section of the tomb.

Ah, a family reunion. :allears:

We dunk on him and he scurries off. Bad dialogue aside I actually like this exchange.

A temple of love and hope would probably be filled wtih giant statues of Sandrah with a small shrine dedicated to me.

Balowol is waiting for us at the exit and promises to guard the passage from any intruders. Neat.

We leave this place behind us...

...And arrive at the surface, where we're immediately 'greeted' by a priest of Mystra.

Across the entrance to the Odesseiron tomb is a mausoleum, more on that later.

Those dead dogs were the result of me trying to get a good night's sleep with no success.

Turns out this Candrella that the priest mentioned is one of Mystra's chosen, and she's got the Mary Sue backstory to prove it!

We can't leave this area just yet, so let's just explore it.

The Odesseiron estate is just next door.

This dialogue, I swear to god... :cripes:

The butler leaves us and we can start exploring the place.

Nothing here, next floor!


We can't enter these side rooms, the pathfinding doesn't allow it.

The only thing to find in this floor is this little girl.

She gives some hints on how to leave this place and that's pretty much it.

On to the next floor.

This is the last floor. There's nothing here. Oh well.

Maybe we should check out this barn?

It's different inside.

Edwin's amulet is in here, but if I pick it up I can't remove it from my inventory. I leave it where it is for now.

Well well well, what do we have here?

Our ticket out of here, that's what!

We show the knight the papers and leave.

There's some trolls to fight just outside, nothing else.

That's it for this area. We can exit east or west.

Next time we'll head west and see what the city of Bezantur has to offer us!