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Part 149: Chapter CXLV - Watcha think, cleverest Sandrah, can we put dem red robes out in the sun to bleach 'em to pink?

Chapter CXLV - Watcha think, cleverest Sandrah, can we put dem red robes out in the sun to bleach 'em to pink?

We exit the Odesseiron estate to the west and end up in...

The city of Bezantur, the Temple District to be exact.

Lots of people to talk to here.

No need to be that h-

Ah, doppelgangers! :stonk:

It's about as strong as the doppelgangers you encounter way back in BG1, it croaks in a second.

We might have to check that place out.

...I hate everything about this.

Looks like we have to reasons to talk to this Shabella, let's do some more exploring first.

Nothing like the promise of sex to get Sandrah's juices flowing.

Oooh, I'm a sucker for maps!

Looks like some sort of slave market.

Don't tell me what to do! :argh:

Not sure why this guy has a portrait, oh well.

Lizard men, you say?

There's some more doppelgangers hanging around town. Yawn.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for the streets. Time to explore some buildings!

The mill is empty.

There's an Oghma enclave here.

A flophouse.

The Autharch's house is empty.

An unmarked house nearby spawns guard when you attempt to loot the place.

This clothing store is also deserted.

It leads to this exchange between Izzy, Sandrah and Giran. Roxanne has a thing about feet, I think.

This is Sharkey's, the local inn.

There's a lot of sailors here.

We pay the owner for full access, it's not worth the money.


Poor Priss, she's lost her mind. Rumar is nowhere to be found.

Like I said, a lot of sailors.

This transition area leads to the back rooms that we had to pay to get to.

Why move from Baldur's Gate to Thay?


You know what they say about too many cooks.

What's on the second floor?

Nothing, that's what.

That's it for Sharkey's, we rest until nightfall and head outside.

Could it be...?

Bonjour, je suis Escorte.

She hands us a wardstone and leaves.

Thanks, Sandrah. You've really been a great help. We'll get to the Mausoleum later.

Not long afterwards this guy appears.

He asks us some questions and then heads off, not even a goodbye.

Next up is the library.

Why's Edwin so popular all of a sudden?

Well, excuse me.


Turns out all the leaders are lizards in disguise.

That's it for the library...

...Except there seems to be a basement area.

It's filled with lizards that are extremely annoying to fight. Afterwards we head south to head back to the surface.

There's a temple of Umberlee but it might as well not be there.

The temple of Mask is a different story.

One of the thieves hanging out here was one of Mae'var's goons which is why he immediately attacks us and gets slaughtered. Thankfully the others don't mind.

Our reputation precedes us.

She forces us to find some items for her and teleports away. :argh:

Izzy's one step closer to finding her friend.

That's it for the temple of Mask and with that we've explored the Temple District.

Back to the Mausoleum, wardstone in hand.

Looks like we can't enter, though. We need more items.

Next time we'll explore the other districts, this town is huge!