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Part 15: Chapter XV - Water caress scales like lover should.

Chapter XV - Water caress scales like lover should.

We leave the xvart village, the gnoll stronghold should be closeby!

We sure do, Branwen.

Not a bad idea, where's this water th-


I-is this a beach episode?

If you told me a week ago about this scene I would've laughed in your face. Yet here we are...

After picking up every single piece of equipment we leave this place and return right where we left off.

Minsc using 'ass' instead of 'butt' just makes me feel dirty.

Poor Sandrah has really done a number on Imoen's psyche.

Branwen doesn't seem like her old self, maybe she's sensing her impending fate.

She soon gets her wish as we finally reach the gnoll stronghold.

Minsc is so flustered that he's forgotten how to pronounce his own name. Not to worry, my addled friend. Dynaheir shall soon be safe!

The abilities keep coming, I fully expect to be able to summon a solar before reaching Baldur's Gate.

Normally we'd be able to talk these guys down but Minsc has no patience for these buffoons.

Shortly afterwards these assassins attack us, they were pretty tough.

Pretty OP gear as well!

Sandrah's advice is welcome, but I've already decided how I'm going to do this.

I think I've managed to cheer her up.

Yeah, she's definitely feeling better.

One of the caves was home to this zombie lord that absolutely *destroyed* me time and time again, when I finally got him he wiped my entire party with a post-death cloudkill. I'm going to have to come back here later.

Good, getting cuckolded by Sandrah is bad enough.

After absolutely wiping the floor with the gnolls inside the fortress we finally find Dynaheir:

Nothing gets past Sandrah, does it?

Oh boy, shenanigans incoming.

I love seeing Minsc so happy. :allears:

Anyway, we have to leave someone behind and I think you all know who it'll be.

Farewell, Branwen. :wave: Your time in this group was more memorable than I could have ever have imagined, it's a shame you had to ruin it by sleeping with Sandrah. We'll come back to her after we've cleared the Nashkel mines. (Whenever that will be)

Dynaheir also immediately gives us a quest, seems like we're about to scour the Sword Coast for a journal!

Keen eyes might have noticed she has a new portrait.

Bhaalspawn? What rubbish! Alaundo is nothing but a charlatan!