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Part 150: Chapter CXLVI - You own us now, mistress, and even as we are slaves now we may still call ourselves lucky today.

Chapter CXLVI - You own us now, mistress, and even as we are slaves now we may still call ourselves lucky today.

Up next is the government district.

We can't enter the court house. :(

To the east of the court house a slave auction is underway.

Sandrah does what you'd expect here, with my hard-earned cash! :argh:

Roxanne seems to have forgotten how to spell 'safe', this mistake will pop up time and time again.

Oh, it's this guy again.

Sandrah easily outwits him and he storms off.

Up next is the district attorney's office.

Lord Ophal used to hang out in Waukeen's Promenade, lady Ophal is nowhere to be found.

Nothing else to do here.

As you've probably guessed by now 90% of NPCs are just lifted from other areas with no regard as to whether it makes sense or not.

The Arcana Archives are next.

An Iron Throne mage is hanging out here for some reason. Oh well.

Poor Lazarus, relocating time and time again... :ohdear:

We can't go upstairs so let's just move on.

To the southeast is the Citadel of Bezantur, with a lot of tourists checking the place out.

Sandrah points out that it's not the actual thing. Bummer. The Guild of Foreign Trade is where we have to strike.

The temple of Ilmater is nothing more than a shrine.

The nearby warehouse is full of lizards, nothing noteworthy.

Next up is the Caravanserai.

There's some guards outside.

Colano pops up once again.

This time around he's quite helpful, we'll get to the Guild of Foreign Trade later.

We'd better head inside the Caravanserai, though. Giran just spotted something.

Slavers! :argh: They leave before we can do anything.

Unexpected but not unwelcome. :heysexy:

I could continue this indefinitely but you get the picture. Time to head out.

Giran gives some background on the Clan Orcs that are apparently hanging out near Bezantur.

We leave the government district to the east and end up...

...In the foreign trade district.

You'd think we can just stroll in east of here but the way is blocked, forcing us to go around.

Thanks, Colano!

We talk to some people on our way to the north, looks like Saemon Havarian is here!

The foreign trade district will have to wait until later, first we fight some knights before heading north.

More knights.

Fie on you, sign! :argh:

Hey, it's those slavers again!

They quickly flee, leaving us with some knights to fight.

We follow the slavers inside the cave.

A pretty huge area but aside from the slaver encounter it's just filled with knight encounters.

The cave leads to this bridge.

Hartleff and Giran immediately start to duel.

Giran wins and we can pass.

They've built up quite the community. We can't enter any of these buildings though.

Minsc's reach extends far, it seems.

These two seem important, one of them has a male portrait despite being female. :shrug:

Might as well show the map at this point.

That' interesting choice for a portrait.

I really had a lot to add here, didn't I?

Anyway, enemies have arrived.

We're teleported to the bridge.

The slavers themselves are up first.

We make short work of them.

Afterwards some wizards teleport in to throw some fireballs.

It doesn't take long for them to fall either.

Finally we make our way to Hartleff and dispatch his assailants.

We've saved the Thayan Clan Orcs! :toot:

Next time we'll head back to Bezantur and see what this Foreign Trade District is all about!