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Part 154: Chapter CL - Chastity is not on our agenda but we are no temple whores or such.

Chapter CL - Chastity is not on our agenda but we are no temple whores or such.

When last I left you guys we'd just arrived back at Baldur's Gate.

While checking in at the nearest tavern I got ambushed by these guys. No idea why.

Anyway, we were supposed to check out the temple of the Black Hand that we first visited way back in BG1.

...Ugh, what can I say about this area?

First of all, Sandrah's constitution is not impacted in the slightest. She just falls unconscious from time to time.

Second of all, the area is absolutely filled with all kinds of mages.

And then there's a gith mage somewhere on the map that casts timestop every other second.

...I am not a fan of this area.

After a whole lot of frustration I track the gith mage down and the area became much easier.

After killing about 8 of them (there's many more) Sandrah advises that we head for the temple of Bhaal nearby.

While traveling there we run into our old friend Xephistagoras, he doesn't say anything and isn't too hard to take down.

Our way to the temple is clear and we can head inside.

Here we fight brother Hasdar a third and hopefully final time.

Talos materializes after the battle is over.

He exchanges some words with Sandrah only for someone else to butt in.

Sandrah decides to make demands of AO because of course she does, while I wonder how this'll pan out Talos and the Solar teleport away.

That's it for Talos, I suppose.

I decide to head to Beregost so we can get some rest.

We've barely entered the town when we're accosted by this guy.

Saemon and Shaleij again!? Christ...

We'd best head for Athkatla to see what's going on.

Yes, please enlighten us. I can't wait to find out what's wrong this time. :jerkbag:

The poor guy's beside himself, we'd best explore the Shadow Thief hideout.

If you squint you can make out where Missy is.

She's extremely annoying but does provide some clues, back to Saemon.

Don't get my hopes up.

Bah, fine. Back to Brynnlaw it is.

I use Sandrah's parcel to teleport us to the vicinity of Nib's skyship.

While heading over there Leyala and Giran discuss the Clanlands. I can guess where this is going.

Time to head back to the Asylum.

Cayia? Didn't Desharik kill you in front of our eyes?

There's zombies outside, pirate zombies.

Not the toughest of fights.

Let's just head into the asylum.

Laboratory, gotcha.

Lonk the Sane is still here, he runs off to get Desharik.

Some of the cells have enemies, the only resistance in this part of the map.

The next level just has these two flunkies guarding Shaleij, nothing we couldn't handle.

Is there anything Sandrah's hammer can't do?

After this they head upstairs, why can't we just finish our conversation here? :(

I guess that plan is better than nothing.

Ugh, these lizards again. I despise them.

Desharik charges forward and activates the Asylum's defenses like the idiot that he is. We can cross now. :cripes:

In the next area some pirates attack us but they're easy enough to take down.

These guys are called 'Nethlander pirates' and they're hostile to Desharik's men as well as us, no idea why.

After the fight Leyala and Giran take the opportunity to have another fascinating conversation.

Immediately afterwards this screen pops up and we're done. Talk about an anti-climax.

We're barely back in Athkatla and they're at it again.

I try to head back to Saemon but he doesn't have anything to say, neither does Shaleij. What a weird way to end a quest.

I might as well end things here for now, next time we'll get up to more interesting shenanigans.