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Part 155: Chapter CLI - After the black beauty now comes the white beauty and has overcome my defences.

Chapter CLI - After the black beauty now comes the white beauty and has overcome my defences.

On our way to Midnight Izzy and Giran get up to more shenanigans. Most of their scenes fade to black by this point, one can guess what happens.

Midnight will know what to do from here, I sure don't.

Are any on you annoyed by the use of the word phalanx? If so I have bad news from you, Roxanne is going to use it more and more.

...Larloch, really? We'd better talk to Sandrah about this.

...I still think this is an extremely stupid idea but it's not like I can refuse, this hasn't been my story since I first left Candlekeep.

My choice of allies aren't much better according to Sandrah, although I might want to give Ellesime a try.

Onward to the city of elves!

Ah, there she is! Who's that standing beside her?

...Wait, what?

Yep, apparently you can get Deheriana in your party here despite the fact that I never installed the Kivan mod. Almost everything about her is bugged to shit and the guide (which is written by Roxanne's alt, mind you) mentions that she's unfinished.

That is why we push her aside, the question as to why she's alive will have to remain unanswered just like with Ajantis.

Since the elves were a dud we have no choice but to follow Sandrah's suggestion, we head north from Waterdeep.

And traverse a pretty standard wilderness area.

A good choice for Bodhi's sprite. :)

How nice of Larloch to put up a sign.

Once Sandrah confirms that we're heading in the right direction we can head east.

As I said, pretty nondescript.

We have arrived, it seems.

These guys have an ungodly amount of HP and a lot of damage resistance to boot. Extremely annoying. Good thing there's only a few of them here.

Some of the houses can be entered.



Most of the fights around here aren't too bad.

This house is the one we need, the lower door is locked so we have to use the upstairs entrance.

A mill, huh? Guess what's here?

The millstone, I guess...?

Throwing the millstone causes a fight later on, I chose to avoid it because I just can't be bothered anymore at this point. It was probably another dragon.

The downstairs door is now open to us so we can continue.

Nothing on the first floor besides some enemies we already fought.

The imp tries to fight us, poor little thing.

I'm not sure I'm ready for this... :shepicide:

I can't imagine how much worse this is if you're well-versed in Forgotten Realms lore.

Don't mind me, you just keep talking.

...Wait, that worked? Nothing about this feels right.

...Let's just head back before I lose my mind completely.

Drizzt greets us as soon as we're back in Waterdeep.

Kelemvor will see us? If we could convince Larloch...

Our course is set.

Firewine feels like a lifetime ago.

Is there anything better than wiping the floor with low level mobs? :black101:


...Thanks, I guess?

The entrance is a bit hidden. In BG1 this would've led to a hidden dungeon that I completely skipped over. (hence the part about the scroll)

Now it leads to...

More zombies. Tougher than the ones above.

We go downstairs from here.

This area is a pain to navigate.

A lot of old enemies are waiting for us here, Tazok being the first.

The blacktalon elites accompanying him put up more of a fight than the man himself.

Next up is Firkraag.

Harder than Tazok but still easy.

Put it next to the others.

Most of the enemies here correspond to something we fought before.

Vennegrat is also here, he doesn't have anything to say though.

Bugs, bugs, bugs.

Since we saved Sarevok's soul we don't have to fight him here, instead he'll actually help us on this floor.

After a while I finally find the exit to this place, guarded by a priestess of Shar. The holy symbol might come in handy later.

A map of the area. Let's move on.

Roxanne loves her Planescape: Torment areas.

Heya, Bodhi. Still up to your old tricks?

They never learn, do they?


Roxanne's guide calls this place the 'crazy girls' level. I understand why.

Figures that the only choices I'm allowed to make have already been made offscreen...

Sendai teleports off after taking a bit of damage.

A bit later she re-materializes and promptly dies.

We head downstairs to the next level. (I forgot to make a map of the area)

What kind of monster do we face now!?

Oh, it's Kelemvor!

By all means keep talking, I don't feel like adding anything anyway. This is Sandrah's story after all.

That portrait is actually Kelemvor, it's from Neverwinter Nights 2.

From his sanctum we take a shortcut back to the beginning and leave the fugue plane.

Next time we'll pay a quick visit to Morbryn's Shield and from there we'll travel to Wheloon to face off against Shar.

I have a bad feeling about this.