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Part 156: Chapter CLII - Where there is love and hope, darkness has already lost the fight.

Chapter CLII - Where there is love and hope, darkness has already lost the fight.

We're back in Morbryn's Shield, soon to be home to a temple of ME! :smuggo:

The town is filled with people now, although some people have recycled dialogue as you can see.

These two seem to think that we're in Waterdeep.

We're never coming back here, Sandrah's keeping the hammer.

I forgot how many fat jokes this game has.

Bummer, I really wanted to be in the spotlight for once... :smith:

Time to exit southeast, which'll take us straight to Wheloon in Cormyr.

They seem to be having their own issues.

Just wait until you see her favorite healing method.

Best follow her inside.

Easy enough.


This seems extremely implausible. Let's just move on.

I do some more exploring, both exteriors and interiors.

The only combat here is this doppelganger in one of the houses, I don't know why he's here.

Slumming, are we?

Only building left to explore is this one.

Just some regular devotees of Mystra, nothing to see here.

That's it for Wheloon, just some buildings along a bridge. Not the worst town I've explored. We exit this place to the east.

We arrive at the temple of Mystra and right away something is amiss.

Time to head inside.

What could this mean?

Everything seems to be in order.

There's even some friendly panthers and leopards for Pelligram to play around with!

Oh dear, is something bad going to happen? :ohdear:

Green abishai, what will they think of next?

There's another one of those scrolls, we found the first one in Szass Tam's tower. This'll be relevant later.

That's pretty much it for this area.

We use the Shar symbol we found on the priestess in the Fugue Plane which gains us access to the next area.

We interrupt some sort of ritual.

He prays to Shar for aid but she smites him without a second thought.

The clergy are hostile on this level.

Aside from some combat there's nothing to say about this area, from where we are on the map we head northwest to...

Wait, a trap? :saddowns:

I'd take offense but let's be honest...


We wail on Larloch for a bit while Shar just stands there. The screenshot sums it up, basically.

After a while the screen shakes, Shar and Larloch teleport away and we fade to black.

Our cartoon villains seem to have succeeded, which means...

Sandrah is gone, but Pelligram comforts us.

All seems lost... :negative: