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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 157: Chapter CLIII - I cannot wait to smash those who have deprived me of my true love.

Chapter CLIII - I cannot wait to smash those who have deprived me of my true love.

There's a Sandrah shaped hole in our party and Pelligram has the task of filling it for the time being.

She doesn't have a bio.

Not much in the way of equipment either.

Her boot slot is occupied by this.

This is the only other unique item she has.

We hack and slash our way out of the temple. :black101:

Cyric's assassins are waiting for us outside.

As well as the man himself.

Said elites barely last a minute. Cyric doesn't return.

After the battle I decided to check Pelligram's PIDs.

She reveals a bit about her heritage and connection to Mystra.

Personally I think Pelligram just doesn't want the responsibility.

Well, when you put it like that...

That's pretty much it as far as Pelligram's PIDs are concerned. Let's get out of here.

I am tired. So, so tired. :cripes:

This might be touching if it was competently written.

On our way back we pay another visit to this house.

Sweet revenge! :black101:

One of them's a bit slow on the uptake, he falls like the rest.

They all carry these blades.

We leave Wheloon, go through Morbryn's Shield and head for High Hedge.


What a nuisance.

Nashkel it is.

The temple to be specific.

Haha fuck you

Back to High Hedge again. We are truly undertaking a quest of epic proportions.

Mystra's death is causing all kinds of chaos, the guards immediately attack the priest of Talos.

I don't think her blessing counts for much these days.

We manage to find the item we were looking for, everything's going smooth so far.

I guess I spoke too soon. It's an easy fight regardless.

Our next stop is Qilandrha, on our way there we run into two familiar faces.


The shortcut is unavailable at the moment so we have to take the long way around.

We run into some resistance in the sewers.

Mur'neth is a mod NPC for BG1 that I didn't install, he only had a couple of lines with Sandrah anyway so we didn't miss much. Despite that fact he still faces us here.

The rest of the journey is uneventful and we reach Qilandrha's enclave.

You misunderstand why I'm grieving, I'd wager.

She gives us the item and we can leave.

At least we don't have to travel far.

We head for Midnight's house.

Pelligram immediately heads for Midnight in a cutscene.

I found that out the hard way. 153 chapters of this shit... :cripes:


My wisdom and intelligence scores are both 14, by the way.

And so up the stairs we went.

The stairs to the third floor are a bit hidden but they're there, trust me.

Yes, let's... :jerkbag:

We have to place the items in their corresponding flames for the ritual to work.

While we're doing so we stop and talk to Larloch for a bit.

The ritual is just as anticlimactic as you might expect. Sandrah materializes and runs towards us. While this is happening Pelligram changes back into her panther form.

Sandrah's back! :toot:

...Oh God she's back. :negative:

There's only one star of the show, let's be honest.

Larloch walks off, he played his part.

It is with this Rob Riefeld rendition of Sandrah's portrait that I leave you. Next time we'll put some more dents in the phalanx and welcome an old friend back into our party.