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Part 158: Chapter CLIV - Ha, you will have a new definition what PAIN is when I'm through with you this evening, (Hiss!)

Chapter CLIV - Ha, you will have a new definition what PAIN is when I'm through with you this evening, (Hiss!)

Pelligram: Sorta gone but not forgotten.

Now that's Sandrah's back it's time to continue doing....whatever the hell it is we're doing nowadays.

I love how Sandrah has to butt in and explain her connection to Cyric just as my connection to him was established.

Anyway, accepting Kelemvor's invitation takes us to...

The Firewine ruins, Velsheroon and his goons are already here.

Shortly afterwards Kelemvor arrives.

Velsharoon has been a remarkably menacing villain so far, in large part due to the fact that he never said a word.

Even that is taken away from us as the two exchange award-worthy dialogue.

Kelemvor summons some allies and Velsharoon storms off.

I assumed that the two would fight each other but they simply refused to do so, I had to teleport my party into the arena just to progress.

Velsharoon was cowering in the corner of the map.

A disappointing end to a very promising beginning. More than can be said about the rest of this mod.

We're teleported to Firewine Bridge after the fight...

...Where we're immediately faced with another encounter.

Shyntlara kidnaps L'Urieet and teleports away. Only a few spiders to fight, no biggie.

Sounds like a plan, before doing so we're going to have to do something about our empty party slot.

Beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

His quest starts almost immediately, more on that later.

Yeah, right. :jerkbag:


You can guess where this is going, right?

Like clockwork.

Time to head back to the Underdark.

The entrance is sealed, however...

Back to Waterdeep, I guess. *sigh*

Cut it out, you two! :(

I said cut it out! :argh:

And now it's back to Athkatla. I'm sick and tired of running around... :cripes:

Speaking of being sick and tired of stuff... :suicide:

From the temple we head to the sewers, past the Unseeing Eye compound right into the beholder's lair.

Character assassination incoming.

The spectator teleports us from one beholder lair to the other.

We've only been here for a few minutes and already I'm severely regretting my decision... :shepicide:

Ust Natha has seen better days.

This place is mostly deserted but otherwise unchanged.

Let's take a minute to enjoy this sight. :allears:

L'Urieet is related to the Ust Natha leadership, huh? Figures. I wonder what Xulaye is doing right now.

Good, I could use a drink.

Sandrah rallies the drow and thinks of a plan. (Is Merinid supposed to be a pirate?)

I can't believe that worked.

Inside we find L'urieet in the midst of combat, as well as...


The resulting battle is extremely chaotic.

Shyntlara gets taken down...

...And the Spider Queen follows her soon afterwards.


This fire teleports us out of this place.

And that's it for L'Urieet. I wish her luck in her future endeavors, she's probably going to need it.

Nothing left to do but head for the exit...

...And return to the surface.

Next time we'll stop dilly-dallying and head back to Thay to finish this thing once and for all.