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Part 159: Chapter CLV - I surely have deserved a glass of Thayan wine or two accompanied by some equally sweet kisses from my wife (Oh, those drow skills..mmh).

Chapter CLV - I surely have deserved a glass of Thayan wine or two accompanied by some equally sweet kisses from my wife (Oh, those drow skills..mmh).

We're finally ready to go back to Thay.

I chose to walk to Bezantur just to spite Sandrah.

We're ambushed by a wizard along the way.

Very dark, I know.

Baylan Gael immediately approaches us and takes us to...

An area of Bezantur we haven't explored yet. Not that there's much to explore.

Something went horribly wrong here.

Ah, that might explain it.

Why are the villains so excessively stupid? Just to make Sandrah look smart?

Sandrah and Shar duke it out for a bit.

Sandrah gets the upper hand, of course. But look who arrives...

Oh God... :cripes:

Shar gets no respect.

JFC Sandrah you can't talk to Ao like that! :ohdear:

Ao tolerates Sandrah's impertinence and even gives us a compliment because of course he does. :jerkbag:

Ao tells us to rein in Cyric and storms off with Shar in tow.

Remember those scrolls we picked up in Szass Tam's tower and the temple in Wheloon? Melicamp finally notices them.

Karsus' Pocket what now?

Looks like we have to find a way to the Citadel if we want to continue his quest.

Ithrash's house seems like a good place to start, yes.

While going there Ehrdwin appears and tells us to head to the Odesseiron Estate.

We immediately oblige him.

It makes for quite the tale, let me tell you.

Dunking on Edwin will never get old. :allears:

Not the best of plans but it's not like I have a choice.

What follows is quite a large battle.

We don't have to find them alone.

The Autharch finally dies for good.

Finally, a celebration of our efforts is long overdue.


Hear, hear!

Late in the night Samas seems to be in the mood for some lovin'.

Sandrah sees his betrayal coming from a mile away but inexplicably decides to get poisoned along with the rest anyway, after a fade to black...

Bugs, bugs, bugs.

The gang is captured yet again, Sandrah is kept separate from the rest.

Szass Tam and Samas Kul materialize.


Took him long enough.

Goodbye, Samas. You horny fool.

Good point, how on earth could you be this dumb? :cripes:

This is Bond villain levels of stupidity...

...And it only gets worse from there. :shepicide:

Sandrah immediately gets to work clearing the area of enemies.

Some knights arrive to stop us but we manage to stage a successful jailbreak.

With the hand in hand (:imunfunny:) we can finally access that room in the Odesseiron Mausoleum.

This kid gets around.

We leave the dungeon and enter...

...The basement of the District Attorney's office, I was wondering when that place would come into play!

Melicamp and Sandrah immediately get busy seconds after tasting fresh air.... :suicide:

Heading back to the Odesseiron Estate there's another battle, including the toughest kobold you'll ever meet. An excessive amount of HP as well as a vast array of spells.

Strike while the iron is hot while the Red Hoods follow right behind us, sure...

Back to the Mausoleum.

Weren't you supposed to stop anyone coming through? Ugh, never mind...

We run into Balowol again fending off some enemies, we walk right past him...

...And head back to the control room.

Colano pops in to let us know that Szass Tam went through here.

We place Sarevok's amulet and Szass' hand in their respective places...

...And get teleported to a stable of all places.

Next time we'll explore the Citadel on Thaymount and face Szass Tam himself!