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Part 16: Chapter XVI - Boo likes that.

Chapter XVI - Boo likes that.

We're supposed to look for Dynaheir's journal, but where do we even start? We decide to explore the outskirts of the stronghold.

Dynaheir's BG1NPC conversations are pretty interesting.

She likes to talk a lot. You can probably guess where this will be going.

I like her already. :allears:

After running into the half-ogres that roughed up Bjornin Sandrah decides to rub her little affair in our faces. Let's head to Beregost to let Bjornin know we dealt with them.

The conversation ends after this, Thank G-

Oh, for fuck's sake...

Oh God not even Boo is safe. :gonk:

Lore dump in 3, 2, 1...

...You've seduced me. :allears:

Are we sure Jen'lig and Sandrah are written by the same person?

My attempt to :spergin: my way to her heart seems to have backfired. Drat.

I, for one, can't wait.

How romantic. :swoon:

They really are a fun bunch to have around. I really wish the party size had been 8 instead of 6... :(

Not satiated with Boo the Beast also threatens to devour poor Minsc as well.

Not as much of a pain to screenshot as Ascalon's mods but close. Isn't Minsc adorable?

Sandrah's grooming is starting to pay off. :negative:

After day after day of meandering with no progress we finally encounter something interesting.

Could it be...?