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by Vichan

Part 162: Chapter CLVIII - Forget my moods, Kelemvor, we know how you can improve them, oh, yes, I know you can!

Chapter CLVIII - Forget my moods, Kelemvor, we know how you can improve them, oh, yes, I know you can!

Our time with Sandrah is over, but choosing these dialogue options leads to the final part of Sandrah Saga.

Vichan sheds his equipment...

Sandrah's standing in Blackstaff Tower...

...And it's game over.

Finding a solution to this bug was pretty much impossible since the only people talking about this part of the mod are probably Roxanne's alts. After trying stuff out I managed to fix the issue by pausing the game which gave the mod time to sort everything out. In the screenshot you can see that Sandrah is replaced by Midnight.

I get the feeling I'm going to regret finding a fix for the issue though. :ohdear:

Haiass is also here, don't ask.

Let's see what we're working with here.

Midnight starts off naked but has a few items in her inventory.

Much better.

I'm pretty sure her level is carried over from Sandrah's.

So are her barks, which lead to some weird comments.

Heading downstairs from where I started I quickly find the rest of my party.

Adon is the only new face, disappointing.

None of them have unique gear.

We came to this place to find a halfling but he's not here, I guess we'd better get out of here.

Wouldn't you know it he shows up just as we're about to leave. :getin:

He runs with some interesting people.

It doesn't end well for any of them.

On his person is the sword we're looking for.

I give it to Cyric, of course. What can go wrong?

This is...interesting.

What could cause this phenomenon?

Anyway, there's nothing else to do here so let's just leave.

A chance to beat up some slavers? Sign me up! :black101:

Just in case it wasn't clear that Midnight and Kelemvor were an item this conversation happens as we take our first rest.

The ancient ruins are our next destination!

A ruined caravan and flashing lights, better investigate.

A drow accosted by red wizard, there's only one way this can end.

Die, slavers! :black101:

Since we have an empty party slot we invite the drow to join us.

Forgotten Realms aficionados will recognize her, I'm sure.

Not much to work with in terms of inventory, although I did manage to find a bit of gear for her scattered around.

She starts out with this robe, not bad!

Seems like we're not done quite yet.

Death to slavers! :black101:

Next time we'll do as the chapter heading suggests and try and get our bearings.