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Part 164: Chapter CLX - These words are without value.

Chapter CLX - These words are without value.

Time to see what's new (old?) at the Friendly Arm Inn.

The Solar is still hanging out here in human form.

Jopi has to be ancient for him to appear from Time of Troubles Revisited to Return to Faerun.

That's all there is to do at the Friendly Arm Inn that we haven't already covered.

Let's head for the forest of Tethyr.

Kind of a random place for him to show up.

(I've made a habit of choosing different dialogue options to see what's different but most of the time your choices don't matter)

Time to pay the elves a visit.

Some things never change, it seems.

The War Sage straight up sums up this entire experience.


Again the screen shakes and a winged figure appears, I get the feeling we're not supposed to mess with the timeline.

Instead of visiting Ellesime I decided to pay a visit to the clearing first.

We run into a familiar face on our way there.


Centeol's also here, both of them leave before we can plant any more ideas into their heads though.

Adalon's hanging out in the clearing.

She attacks us after this conversation, kill her and we cut to credits. This is a dead end.

I reload the game and search for Ellesime this time.

Talking to people isn't a worthwhile exercise in this portion of the LP.

Let's ignore the fact that Joneleth's sprite and name make no sense at this point in the game.

He helps us out, albeit begrudgingly.

With the modified amulet in hand we head for the clearing.

This time he takes the amulet, our quest is completed.

Oh boy, I can see where this is going...

He can't be allowed to get away with it, Joneleth must die!

The pain will only be passing, you won't survive the process! :black101:


Oh no... :ohdear:

The lesson for today: Don't mess with the timeline.

We're done with this place, time to leave.

I suppose it's back to Waterdeep. Again.

We also talk about the Lyonsbane curse and its implications.

On our way to Waterdeep we come across a seaman in desperate need of a vowel.

Good thing we have some scrolls on hand.

They're all equally ungrateful.

What a shame.

The surviving pirat(e) wouldn't stop following me around so he had to go as well.

Good idea, if Mystra's temple doesn't pan out we can visit Sune's.

Speaking of temples, I decided to pay a visit to Waukeen's.

A good thing as well as we're informed by a priest of Helm that troubled times are upon us.

On our way out we run into this forgettable character that we've run into so many times already.

Malar's running rampant and we're supposed to stop him, I'll put it on the list.

We can't head there right away though as something is going down back at the temple of Waukeen.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Yep, definitely not good.

This can't be a good deal.

We wail on him a couple of times and he teleports away. Note the unconscious priest in the corner.

...You might want to sit down again.

I'm getting the feeling that Cyric might have some ulterior motives.

We might as well get our encounter with Malar over with. (I went to Beregost to fetch a silver dagger just in case)

They were annoying to fight but not really that hard.

I never got around to this area which means that BG1 content is getting in the way of things. Awkward.

Malar's talking as if we didn't just go through his entire entourage.

We wail on him for a few seconds and he flees. That's it. This part of the mod is nothing if not anti-climactic, huh?

Back to Waterdeep it is.

The temple of Mystra's a bust, no-one will help us out here. The temple of Sune's the place where we ran into Melicamp, might as well head there.

Sure enough Sune's waiting for us here, and she's not alone.

Track down stolen tablets, what can go wrong?

Up next is the most eventful chapter in quite a while as we track down tablets and run into all kinds of trouble along the way!