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Part 19: Chapter XIX - Don't move, you abortion!

Chapter XIX - Don't move, you abortion!

This is it, this is the chapter where we finally clear the mines of whatever's haunting it!

"And they call it a mine...A mine!"

More assassins, they're no match for our might though.

The assassins added by mods all have letters signed by 'M.S.'

Breagar is a mine snob.

The first level hasn't changed from vanilla, when we arrive at the second level however...

Kivan also does something similar if he's in the party with BG1NPC installed.

The kobolds die within seconds.

God damn it, Sandrah. Stop taking all the credit! :argh:

If there's one thing dwarves hate it's faulty iron.

Stuff it, Sandrah. We both know why you want to go back there.

Dwarves stick up for each other. :colbert:

This will prompt Imoen to cut her hair in BG2.

This liquid must be what's contaminating the ore!

We rush through the mines, this level wasn't any harder than the one before.

We do run into these Duergar assassins that carry OP gear. Not bad.

Don't worry, Breagar. Sandrah's got that covered!

(Again there are dialogues missing, sloppy on my part)

We soon reach the inner sanctum.

Oh boy...

Very stereotypical response from Breagar here. It's a pity he won't be sticking around for long.

Speaking of not sticking around...

Farewell, Isra. :wave: We hardly knew ye.

We run into the person pulling the strings, he is no match for us.

Breagar forces our hand here. Poor Mulahey...

He's carrying a sword sheath. Interesting. We'll identify it later.

Huh, didn't Branwen talk about a certain Tranzig? We might want to pay her a visit.

We also retrieve Xan's moonblade.

I still think my sword looks better.

On our way out we stumble upon this kobold.

He's so weak that Xan decides to strike up a conversation. Azzik died right after this.

Sandrah will be *so* happy.