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Part 20: Chapter XX - Children...hoho...

Chapter XX - Children...hoho...

Xan is already trying to drag us down and we've barely left the mines.

Wait, there are people that Sandrah *doesn't* know?

Xan's pessimism is slowly giving way to something new.

I'll take his compliments whenever I can get them.

You don't know the half of it, Breagar...

The beast stirs, it will be time to feed soon.

Forget about all that, didn't we have a sheath to identify?


It seems our destinies are intertwined.

God, I forgot just how much of a mope he is.

More assassins, they go down easy. (One managed to escape I think)

Forget about that, though. More beard talk!

While resting we have another strange dream.

Sandrah hugs us and makes it all better. :swoon:

It's time to head to Beregost.

Breagar leaves us here, but let's not say farewell just yet.

We run into Elminster soon afterwards.

Elminster ew. :gonk:

We talk to Sandrah as soon as Elminster leaves.

Their motives don't align but what about their goals?

Bah, I need some lightening up. Let's visit Breagar at the smithy!

Oh boy, a smithing demonstration!

Breagar no! :gonk:

No time to waste, let's go to the temp-

Wait, wh-

We'll get to him later, we have a dwarf to save!

Back to the smithy, quick!

I'm just glad he's alright! :gbsmith:

All's well that ends well. We accept him in the party for the moment because the other option just sounds cruel.

You tell him, Jen'lig! :colbert:

Farewell, Breagar! :wave: I doubt we'll run into each other again but I really liked the time we spent together. Now it's off to Nashkel to reconnect with a certain priestess...