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Part 22: Chapter XXII - you are the mostest stupish idiot stumblin' through the Realms.

Chapter XXII - you are the mostest stupish idiot stumblin' through the Realms.

From Nashkel we head east in search of adventure, stopping occasionally to admire the scenery.

Some companions only seem to admire each other.

Xan is quite the prankster.

I really wish these kinds of interactions had been in the base game, honestly.


I feel you, Branwen. I also only break out the comb when I want other people to notice me.

Just as we're about to head out towards the north...

Oh shit, we'd best make our way back to Nashkel!

When we arrive at the store Henning is gone.

Poor Imoen, let's see what Ghastkill has to say.

Cloakwood forest, huh? Too bad we can't go there yet. Henning can wait til later, I guess. :shrug:

Don't insult Volo, Xan! :(

Nothing left to do but go to this supposed 'garden' then.

Thanks for the heads-up. Who's that dapper-looking chap that's been following us for a while, by the way?

The bandits were spotted near Gullykin? No time to waste, let's head south!

Times are tough, especially if you're a merchant.

We're following *deer* now? I'm not sure how I feel about th-


Xan almost seems...heroic.

And with that the battle is joined. I'm guessing this encounter is supposed to be extremely hard but considering we're overleveled (level 6) we manage to beat them all. Took quite a while though.


This automatically takes us to the Friendly Arm Inn.

Is this what being a hero feels like? We should do this more often. Let's go downstairs to celebrate!

Sorry Drake, you're still too good for this LP.

Ordering the best beds the Friendly Arm Inn has to offer leads to a flood of scenes.

I'm starting to think that this relationship isn't exactly healthy.

*This* is what a healthy relationship looks like. :heysexy:

A veritable fluffle of rabbits, this party.

And with that Xan finally becomes a proper moonblade wielder.

Xan really deserves better, I'd better speak to Sandrah about their relationship.

Oh God Sandrah I'm so so-

Sandrah where are you g-

Oh God reload reload relo-