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Part 23: Chapter XXIII - Quickest keep talkin', little man!

Chapter XXIII - Quickest keep talkin', little man!

After having quite the celebration in the Friendly Arm Inn we decide to continue our search for Henning in Gullykin.

It was quite the night.

The first of many, I think.

We soon arrive in Gullykin without any more distractions.

This guy seems familiar.

Why can't they get along? :ohdear:

We start to get to the heart of Xan's problems.

Being encased in stone also seems to have done a number on poor Branwen. :(

She quickly recovers though.

What is it with Imoen and the word 'quickest' all of a sudden?

The beekeeper wasn't hard to find.

We can reach the bandit camp now, we'll get there in due time.

My thoughts exactly. :swoon:

During the search for the beekeeper we find a mysterious ring that we give back to poor Smeagol.

I'm really enjoying these chats with Xan. :)

These chats I could do without, at least they're acknowledging the whole love triangle thing.

No sooner do we arrive back at Mutamin's Garden...


Five seconds later.

You know what that means...

'Til we meet again, fair Branwen!

Shar-teel's different. New stats, new portrait, even a new class!

This seems like an opportune time to get some new gear, while we're doing that...

Like I said, a fluffle of rabbits.


I'm speechless...