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Part 24: Chapter XXIV - Was well to choose commander for lust.

Chapter XXIV - Was well to choose commander for lust.

Still reeling from the insane events from last night we awaken on the outskirts of Beregost.

Let's hope this isn't indicative of their conversations going forward...

Xan won't be around for much longer, I am sorely going to miss these conversations. :allears:

There's no person that Sandrah can't fix!

It's time to have 'the talk' with Jen'lig.

I can't *wait* to see how this develops.

Big whoop. None of the 'quality' gear is of any use to us.

Time to head to the bandit camp!

Wait, where are you g-


And with that we're in a romance with Shar-Teel. Not even Viconia is that quick.

The first of many, I'll assume.

They talk so much we're not going to get to the Bandit Camp this chapter.

Who could that be!?

Shortly afterwards a flaming fist officer arrives.

After the insultingly easy fight:

I'm sure you won't. :swoon:

Farewell, Xan. :farewell: I loved your BG1NPC chats but your Sandrah Saga chats were awful. We'll probably run into him again somewhere along the line.

This does mean that we have to go back to civilization in order to equip Viconia though. *sigh*

I'm feeling like Viconia a lot lately...

As soon as we've geared up we head to the bandit camp. (And no, I'm not bringing Kivan with me. We'll get to that eventually)

Excellent idea, Sandrah. Time to comb the forest.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me. :heysexy:

Aww, look. They're bonding over their shared misery!

Me? Never.

The beast stirs, will Shar-Teel be able to resist?

A genuinely good Imoen banter, probably because she doesn't talk much.


God damn it, Sandrah. We're doing MY questline! :argh:

Okay, fine. We'll find whatever cloth pieces are still lying around...

AFTER we get to the bandit camp.

God, such chatterboxes. We'll have to leave the bandit camp for next time!