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Part 25: Chapter XXV - I knew this road to wealth would get me the best of chicks in the end.

Chapter XXV - I knew this road to wealth would get me the best of chicks in the end.

Bandits on the horizon!

Sandrah knows everyone/ (Yes, she knows the other bandit you can encounter as well, same convo/portrait)

I get why they changed these cutscenes in the Enhanced Edition but come on. :allears:

Little does he know Tazok is already hovering behind him.

He takes us just outside the camp.

Dude, it just happened...

Famous last words.

Poor Viconia, too many outdoor areas on the Sword Coast.

Ardenor Crush is the leader of the Chill. He suspects nothing.

A cave, huh? Let's go there quickest! (ugh)

Knott here tells us to go to the big tent. Gee, thanks.

Challenge accepted.

Guess which one of us got out and which one got smashed to pieces?

In the back we find a wounded orc.

After some healing...

Calm down, Imoen! :gonk:

The orc gets away unscathed. I wonder if we'll ever run into him again...

To Tazok's tent! :black101:

The beast's hunger knows no bounds. Soon she will feed.

For some reason he doesn't attack us after this, our cover remains intact.

Once in the tent...

Oh well, it was worth a try. Stab stab die.

That's weird, she thought his name was Devern before, now she knows how to spell it correctly?

Henning, here we come!

We pick up some documents from the nearby chest:

Sarevok, huh? I wonder wh-

Sarevok's a Bhaalspawn!? Could he be Sandrah's sibling?

I'm genuinely invested in Jen'lig's story.

Wait, when has Sandrah ever given bad advice?

It's nice to end with a good banter... :)

...I do want to leave you with one more thing.

This is what would have happened if Kivan had joined us, I chose not to go with this because I this is Sandrah Saga and she gets to shine.