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Part 26: Chapter XXVI - Jen'lig and commander not do for breeding.

Chapter XXVI - Jen'lig and commander not do for breeding.

We turn to the grim task of killing everyone in the bandit camp, quite a fun exercise.

It gives our companions time to compliment each other on their mercilessness.

Isn't she wonderful? :allears:

We'll be certain to find out about these other delights when we get to BG2. :heysexy:

Our attempt to emulate Sandrah fails miserably.

More dreams, what could they mean?

Imoen's words will have to do, Sandrah doesn't seem interested in talking to me about it.

With the bandit camp dealt with the head to the Friendly Arm Inn. Just outside the gates we are accosted by a party of do-gooders.

I mean, there was that one xvart village but we made it all up to them in the end!

The resulting fight was pretty tough.

Lots of OP gear though.

We've already heard about M.S. but this P.W. is new, a lot of people seem to want us dead.

We run into Elminster. His advice is welcome and he upgrades Gorion's dagger to boot!

Before we head to the Cloakwood we'll have to make some changes however.

Shar-Teel is attracted to shiny stuff.

Anyway, about these changes...

Hello Khalid and Jaheira...

And farewell Shar-Teel and Viconia. :wave: You'll see why I did this in a bit.

Khalid seems a bit behind on current events.

Sandrah and Jaheira seem to be getting along though. :gbsmith:

In the first area of Cloakwood we run into Aldeth, he has a bit of a druid problem.

This is Seniyad, he has a bit of a hunter problem.

Normally you have to choose between one or the other, Seniyad seems like the better option HOWEVER siding with Aldeth nets you a pretty cool quest in Baldur's Gate. Choices, choices...

...At least in vanilla BG1. BG1NPC allows you to pick a diplomatic option if you bring Khalid and Jaheira along. :)

What's this about a favor though?

Khalid and Jaheira will be accompanying us through the Cloakwood until we deal with their quest, after that we'll be adding some of the NPCs this place has to offer.

Jaheira and Beador seem to have a bit of a history, interesting...

We'll definitely pay him a visit when we get to Baldur's Gate.

Jaheira's warning is appreciated, this place can kick your ass if you're not prepared. (Or not overleveled like me)

These kinds of quests never seem to end well in BG1.

The ever inquisitive Jaheira runs into a brick wall. :downs:

This dragon kicked my ass the first time around, this time he went down though. Jen'lig is quite the powerhouse.

Speaking of Jen'lig, choosing to rest led to another scene...