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Part 28: Chapter XXVIII - Good chance for elfling to be used as toy by strong girl.

Chapter XXVIII - Good chance for elfling to be used as toy by strong girl.

With Khalid and Jaheira gone there are two empty spots in our roster, let's fill them!

Yep, checks out. Welcome to the group, Coran! (No stat changes)

He immediately gets into it with Imoen.

I love Eldoth. I can't wait to see how he'll interact with Sandrah. :allears:

Coran willingly marches closer to the beast's jaws.

Jen'lig isn't quite as impressed. :colbert:

This is basically Sandrah signalling that she's not going to talk to Eldoth. He will be completely silent from this point on.

The same cannot be said for Coran, they talk a *lot*.

Ah, yes. We need to slay some wyverns! :black101:

The first batch we kill end up in our stomachs. Don't eat the eggs!

Coran's quite the racist.

Of course he's into phrenology...

This made me laugh.

Time to deliver the wyvern's head!


Keep dreaming, Coran. I'm not giving you shit.

Sandrah's ready to give him anything he wants, however...

He's like pudding in her hands.

So let me lift the curtain a little bit. You might have noticed that I like to meander and go from place to place a lot. I do this so that I can trigger a banter or two to see where things will lead. This has been a pretty painless process so far...

...Eldoth, however, doesn't seem to want to play along. Aside from Sandrah warning me about him they haven't interacted at all. I was planning on bringing him along to the Cloakwood mines but it seems we'll have to find a replacement. It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to poor Eldoth. :wave: We'll get back to him later in order to get to Skie.

Let's see if we can squeeze some more drops out of Edwin...

...Little did I know that this would also explode in my face. More on that later.

Before we tackle the mines let's take care of some miscellaneous stuff first.

This was pretty scary playing as a kid, I'm pretty sure Albert had a different model back then.

This quest seems new, however...

Coran's easy to like, even if he's a bit of an ass.

She says this while Brage's hiding in the corner there.

This is definitely one of my favourite BG1 quests. I hope Brage can find the peace he desperately craves.

(If you look closely at the screenshots you can see that Edwin left the party as soon as we entered the temple, I had to edit my reputation with EEKeeper and replay this part in order to let him stay. A temporary fix)

He quickly storms off after this exchange with Sandrah though, what could it mean?

Imoen giving up pink is like Sandrah giving up being a Mary Sue. At least you tried, Edwin.

Let's hope Coran doesn't come to regret this decision.

Sleeping at the inn leads to quite the interesting event.

I'm *so* glad to have invited him back, it's too bad it won't last... :(