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by Vichan

Part 29: Chapter XXIX - The chance to get a few minutes of rest from that hungry beast that drained me tonight.

Chapter XXIX - The chance to get a few minutes of rest from that hungry beast that drained me tonight.

This is the chapter where we continue clearing up a few odds and ends before moving on to the mines.

Coran would later become a member of the Parliament of Peers in Baldur's Gate.

In one of the wyvern caves in Cloakwood was an eccentric Iron Throne members who was trying to breed wyverns, in the back we find a messenger.

We'll keep an eye open for the mage we're supposed to deliver it to.

After a fade to black the beast is satiated once again.

Poor Coran, he can't help but fall in love time and time again. He would have been a romance option if we were female. I think you're even able to have a child with him.

Edwin tries his luck one more time to no avail.

Wait, what? No! :gonk:

I reloaded a save, kicked Edwin out of the party and decided to bring Minsc and Dynaheir to him.

This led to another awkward scene.

And just like that we've managed to salvage the sit-

...God damn it. :negative:

Reloading to just before I interacted with him again I decide to leave him there. Maybe I can find a way to bring him back but I strongly doubt it.

Dejected, we head for the lighthouse...

Who's this well camouflaged young lady? :heysexy:

Time to get some pirate's booty! :swoon:

All this talk of prophecy is making my head spin.

As expected Safana and Sandrah are too much alike to get along.

Aside from the usual loot in the pirate's cove we also find this mithral ring. I wonder if there's anyone around to give it to?

Let's keep Safana around, she seems entertaining.

We run into these walking references just south of Beregost. Easy pickings.

In the area north of Nashkel (You know, the place of no consequence) there's this cave that we completely missed. Let's explore it.


Shamans! :black101:

This fight would have probably been tough in the beginning, it's laughably easy now.

I have no idea where this area's from. IWD2?

The only useful thing we find down here is this shield that leads to a conversation with Sandrah. As far as I know that's all there is to do down here, for now let's get some rest at Feldepost's Inn before heading to the Cloakwood mines.

Sandrah and Coran are made for each other.

I hope this doesn't affect their performance.

I wonder if Coran will inevitably stray like he usually does.

Seems they're getting along after all. It was fun while it lasted.

Now that all affairs are in order it's finally time to go back to Cloakwood to rescue Henning!