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Part 31: Chapter XXXI - Hey say that slowly again? Orphn ass?

Chapter XXXI - Hey say that slowly again? Orphn ass?

I'll start this chapter on a high note by pointing out that we can now have sex with Jen'lig whenever we feel like it. :heysexy:

We'll get into one of Coran's dalliances when we go to Baldur's Gate.

I know he probably deserves it but poor Coran. Hoisted by his own petard... :(

I'm sounding like a broken record here but BG1NPC is definitely worth your while. The same couldn't be said for the armory, even without our OP gear.

How about you don't ogle the poor wizard we just killed? Jesus Christ, get it together.

Poor Yeslick, he's already been through so much... :(

Not much else going on in this level, we can finally confront Davaeorn.

This guy can kick your ass if you're unprepared or suck at the game. Needless to say I died to this guy more times than I can count. He was no match for Sandrah and Jen'lig this time around though. :black101:

Killing him automatically takes you to chapter five. Baldur's Gate is finally open to us! It will be quite a while before we'll get there though.

Right you are, Yeslick. On Davaeorn's corpse we find a lot of letters.

Wait, that last one is obviously new.

Jardak and Sunin are both characters found in vanilla BG1. We'll try and track them down as soon as we're in the city.

"The kind of creature that one-shot killed you with project force, manling! :black101:"

I hear Suldanessellar is lovely this time of year!

We decide to catch some shut-eye before flooding the mines.

Yeslick's banters are the best. :allears:

And that's all she wrote for the Cloakwood mines!

You're more than welcome. :smuggo:

It's nice to be appreciated once in a while.

After the horror we just went through it's an absolute delight to have conversations like this, they really keep me going. :)

This druid accosts us on the way out, big mistake.

Sandrah's connected to Cyric, huh? That's going to lead to interesting situations going forward, I'm sure. I should read up a bit on Elminster.

Anyway, we finally arrive back in Beregost.

I just said that to keep Sandrah happy, I really think we should go to the temple f-

What now!?

He leaves us after summoning some bone golems, a pretty tough fight. It's a really good design decision to have Sandrah hijack the conversation without me getting a word in edgewise.

After the conversation a week actually passes, no joke. This made everyone really tired so we're just going to have to get some beds at Feldepost's.

Oh no, not another one of those.

We're not discussing the dream? Oh yeah, I forgot this isn't my story anymore. Let's go to the temple first.

That's a LOT of text and I can barely interject at all. Looks like we'll have to go to the mansion anyway...

I'm always looking forward to the inevitable Jen'lig banter.

Travenhurst runs upstairs while orcs join the fray to fight alongside the guards. After that there are more orcs as well as an Iron Throne mage upstairs. After they fall we finally confront Travenhurst.

Thank you, Travenhurst. People don't appreciate what I bring to this party.

The dialogue really is like pulling teeth.

I'm not really digging the whole dark Imoen arc... :(

Thought he'd never shut up. Sandrah Saga really is obsessed with being one step ahead of the main plot.

The rewards are definitely worth it!

Great! Are you turning it into a brothel?

I don't know how much more of this I can take... :negative:

Hey, don't judge me. If Sandrah can be an absolute creep to everyone around her then so can I!

And that's the end of that particular quest, although we'll probably reconnect with Henning somewhere along the line.

Next time we'll go on a well deserved vacation!